The UN Demands End to Israeli Settlements

The United Nations Security Council believes that Israel’s continued construction in Palestine is a “flagrant violation” of international law.

The U.S. allowed the UN resolution approval against Israel after Samantha Power decided to abstain during the vote. Of the 15 members with the right to vote, 14 voted in favour. This has already caused friction between the U.S. and the Israeli governments.

The resolution says that the establishment of Israel in occupied Palestinian territory since 1967, which includes East Jerusalem “has no legal validity.” It also calls for a halt to “all Israeli settlement activity” saying it is “essential to rescuing a two-state solution.”

Netanyahu has accused Obama of breaking the historic U.S. policies based on protecting its allies and has announced that Israel will not abide by the UN resolution. Netanyahu will immediately cease Israeli donations to four of the five UN administrations where Israel has representation.This could amount to 7.5 million euros (the equivalent of 7.8 millions US dollars).

Netanyahu has also announced sanctions against New Zealand, Senegal, Malasia and Venezuela since they promoted the resolution. Israel is now scrutinising the current situation to decide whether Israel or not should abandon some UN administrations. Israel has also summoned the ambassadors from 10 countries, which is a controversial decision since it is Christmas.

For his part, Trump expressed his worries and has announced his intention to support Israel “at any cost.” In response, Netanyahu has been assured by Trump’s administration that it will defend Israel from its enemies and that both countries will strongly cooperate to protect each other.

The international community has reacted positively to the final resolution. In considering that the Israeli government has violated the international law with impunity for decades and it is unacceptable.

The UN resolution comes after years of an increasing civil rejection against Netanyahu’s policies. Hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens have already expressed their worries over some of Netanyahu’s decisions.

Netanyahu’s imperialistic vision, combined with his extremist conviction, are a threat to Palestine, which is facing a potential genocide.

Apparently, the international community has finally decided to take actions against such a human disaster. However, it assumes that while Netanyahu is the Israeli Prime Minister, there will not be any solution to the existing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

In addition, there is the hope that civil society and the international community will play vital roles to bring about an end to the existing conflict in the region. For that reason, the international community will probably announce an embargo and sanctions against Israel

Obama’s decision has been good but is long overdue. Unfortunately, Trump will return to reinstate old politics and will probably protect Israel from any military or financial sanction. Unless Trump finds a solution, it will never be solved.

The Jewish community suffered a lot during the second world war, but it does not justify them to cause the same suffering in the Palestinian community. A new future potential government in Israel led by someone who will respect the international law could be the key to solving this conflict.



6 thoughts on “The UN Demands End to Israeli Settlements

  1. Agreed. Trump doesn’t understand international politics. His ham-handed handling of Taiwan already has created an issue with China, and now he can undo whatever goodwill the US has managed to build in the Middle East. What we don’t know is what the repercussions of these actions will be.

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  2. Sadly, as long as there is hate in that region there will be no peace. There has been fighting and hatred between peoples since religion began thousands of years ago. The hatred has become a part of the culture. It is passed down with each generation, and therefore the hate is nearly impossible to curb.

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  3. Please. Can we shut down Trump’s twitter account? Really.

    Anyway… The Palestine/Israel thing is a hot mess.

    G.W. was the first US President in history to acknowledge a Palestinian state. Fact.

    As far as I can tell, Obama is trying to honor that promise… which is in line with the UN resolution from way back when.

    Still wondering at your agenda. But glad that you agree that acknowledgement of a Palestinian State was the path to peace. (And thus preventing Israeli settlements… at least until the Palestinians have a political voice in their own country.)


  4. The tension looks like it will be cemented between both the countries untill palestine and israel both agree on a common-minimum agreement,it doesn’t seems going that way by the current direction of wind.US needs to be a more mature mediator.


  5. I see zero chance that this move will help. It will simplify unify Israelis behind giving the UN a big FU. Who knows whether Trump would have achieved any progress toward peace (he had ambition to). This move makes that less likely. I hope I’m wrong about this.


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