The Real Impact of Snowden’s Revelations ( If governments remove our privacy, there is no reason to exist )

The world has changed a lot since 2013 when Edward Snowden revealed that the US administration was massively surveilling millions of people all across the world. As a result of such revelations, our communications have improved in terms of security. However, the IT community must maintain continue to work hard to ensure that our communications remain private because all governments are investing millions of dollars to find vulnerabilities in our systems. Fortunately, we already know all methods that the US government used to violate our privacy.

In recent years, companies like Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon have been forced to change their terms of privacy because their customers were worried about them. In the end, it was a marketing campaign, because all these companies still collaborate with the US administration and share all our data. However, people have become more reactive towards these companies collaborating with governments. Many organizations and activists track all these companies to inform people when they could compromise their data.

Snowden’s revelations have also shaken the political scenario in the world since political parties that support privacy are arising in some countries. In fact, some governments have been forced to change their legislation to secure our communications. However, many governments mask their real intentions by saying that they will ensure our communications. The reality is that they will try to surveil us anyway.

In my opinion, all of Snowden’s revelations have been good for our society. Now, this world is a better place to live in. I acknowledge that at first I thought these revelations were not going to impact our lives very much because people tend to forget things easily after a few years, but I admit that I was wrong and we can still see this impact, in part because many organizations keep the spirit to transform our society alive.

Be cautious and never forget to update your software if you really want to keep your communications secure.


An African-American Man Was Killed By The Police “I Called You to Help Me, But You Killed My Brother”

Last Tuesday, an African- American man was killed by the US police, after his sister called them because he was having a mental health emergency. However, the police killed him indiscriminately,alleging that he may have had a gun. In recent years, the police have been involved in many racial crimes in the country, and the US government has not done anything to change this fact. The government should ensure the protection of all citizens all across the country. What is happening in terms of racism is a reflection of the system itself.

People are starting to think that behind these criminal acts coming from the government to perpetuate their power. What are these hidden interests?According to some theories, if people from different communities fight each other, then they do not have time to think about other things. In this way, the government ensures that people will not think about changing the system. However, the government has a golden opportunity to demonstrate that all these conspiracy theories are wrong. I am sure that people from all across the country would be happy to see that the US government has taken actions to sanction those who commit racial crimes.

The USA is a very influential country in the world and should be the first to set a good example in terms of rights.

If the government does not take any action to protect people against racial crimes, then people should be legitimated to take peaceful actions to “recover” their institutions.

The racist way of thinking is obsolete, people should be more tolerant,and less selfish. It doesn’t matter if someone is black or white because we are all human beings, and we should respect each other. If our society wants to prosper, racism should disappear.


“Chelsea Manning Punished in Solitary Confinement for Suicide Attempt”

Chelsea Manning has been punished with solitary confinement  attempting suicide. It seems that whoever made this decision could be suffering from mental issues, since this measure greatly increases the probability of repeat suicide attempts, according to several studies. Rather, she should be treated before it is too late. Even so, I am afraid that soon we will discover through the press that she is dead. However, the US administration is ignoring the issue and will not do anything to help her. Instead, they are preparing a case against her simply because she attempted suicide and such an action is stupid. As a result of this most inhuman decision, she could face several more years in prison. Initially, she was sentenced to 35 years in prison for divulging secret information that suggested the US Army was killing civilians. However, the perpetrators of said crimes have not yet been tried and convicted.

Chelsea Manning has been tortured on a daily basis since being admitted to the prison. It is degrading to find that those, who supposedly are there to protect us, actually behave like criminals. Chelsea Manning announced in 2013 that she would identify as a woman, three years after first entering custody, saying she had been diagnosed with gender dysphoria back in 2010.

Recently Chelsea Manning started a hunger strike to protest what she calls “constant and overzealous administrative scrutiny by prison and military officials.” She is transgender and had been asking for sex conversion treatment for the past 6 years , but the authorities rejected her demands. Despite their refusal, she did not give up and decided to start a hunger strike that in the end, was effective  a few days later, the authorities accepted her demands. Chelsea Manning is a human being and as such has the right to think and act freely.

I am a big dreamer, and sometimes I hope that an enlightened person in the government will do something to reverse the situation, but I am beginning to understand that even if that person exists, they would disappear in a few days.

Does democracy really exist ? Why would anyone become a politician?

Originally, someone who wanted to become a politician would do so to help people from his community and protect them from powerful people, who wanted to abuse their positions. However, nowadays people want to become politicians just to enrich themselves and to that end support multinational companies and those in positions of power.

I acknowledge that I am hopeless and these politicians will never defend democracy before all else.

Who Won The Debate Between Hillary and Donald? (No one won the debate, and democracy lost)


As a result of the first debate between Hillary, and Donald, we can say that democracy has lost. The debate had plenty of mutual accusations, but they did not debate important things that concern people. In recent years, politicians have been changing their strategy, and they talk about subjects that touch people emotionally, rather than about the content of their programs. Unfortunately, people are easily manipulated, and they will not acknowledge this fact. In fact, people do not vote rationally, they tend to vote according to their emotions.

During the second world war many political leaders around the world mastered manipulation, but nowadays,Hilary and Donald have improved it even further. I am not going to write more about the last night’s debate because I think it was useless and antidemocratic.

Before the debate started, hundreds of activists were arrested because when they were not allowed to go to the debate, they decided to block a road in order to protest. Also Jill Stein, the candidate for the Green Party was forced to leave the venue after a conference press. She was trying to participate in the presidential debate as a candidate of the Green Party.

In a democracy, people are allowed to go wherever they want, but it seems that there is a lack of democracy in the country.

In a fair system, (all) candidates from all political parties should have the same rights, and chances to be heard by people. In this way, people could debate about all programs and choose freely what they think it is the best option. The reality is that Americans will just have two options to vote for because the fact of holding a debate between two candidates is a way to influence people to vote between these both options.

In conclusion, this debate was unfair and manipulative. I think that people should learn about it, and for by the next elections to change the system to give all political parties the same opportunities to be heard by people. It is not acceptable to need to reach at least 15% of the support in the polls to have the right to participate on the presidential debates, it should be enough with a 3%.

Let me know, what do you think about the electoral system in the USA , and What do you think about the last night debate?


Racism in the USA

The ideology underlying racist practices often includes the idea that humans can be subdivided into distinct groups that are different in their social behavior and innate capacities and [that] can be ranked as inferior or superior.”

In recent years, the racist cases in the States coming from the police have increased greatly. However, the government denies that it is happening. In my opinion, these cases are not minor, because they are a reflection  the system itself. The government should care more about this racial conflict, otherwise, it could become a complicated problem to deal with.

The USA is a cosmopolitan country, where people coming from all over the world live in harmony. In recent years,this tendency is changing little by little, and nationalist feeling is arising all across the country. In fact, these nationalist positions are very stupid, because it seems that people forget all the personal historical facts about their coming from another country. The only natives Americans are Indian, the rest have roots in other countries around the world. Considering this fact, it is stupid to support racist positions because it would mean being against your own existence in the country.

Let’s now focus on the Black American community.

People think that in recent decades,this community has gotten many rights and that the inequality among different communities around the country is something that existed in the past. However, the reality is different, and black people still have fewer chances to prosper in this life than the rest.

It is degrading for a person to live in a country where he or she is constantly threatened by the police. It’s a fact that all black children are taught about how they should behave if the police stop them. Unfortunately, it is not enough for some police officers [that black people treat them with respect.

The two most recent racist cases reported in the USA, make me think about the discrimination that exists there. The first case is  a guy, whose car had a breakdown on a road. He did not do anything bad, however, a policewoman decided to shoot him indiscriminately, and in the  he died. The second case is  a young guy with a mental disorder, who took his medicine. His mom said to the police that he had just taken his medicine, and he did not have any weapon, but the police insisted that he drop his gun. Finally, several police officers decided to shoot and kill him.

Police should be there to protect all of us! I do believe that there are also honest police officers in the country, but the problem is that when one of them does bad practices, their police-mates hide what happened.

The US system in terms of race equality is obsolete, and should be changed to prevent bad practices mentioned in this article. In my opinion, politicians, and social organizations should work together to achieve equality all around the country. If you want to make a great country, then equality and harmony should exist all across the country.

No matter where someone is  we are all human beings, and we should respect each other!


Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Lauri Love.

Wikileaks was founded in 2006 and became popular in 2010, when they published gunfight footage from the 12 July 2007 Baghdad air strike. Iraqi journalists were among those killed by an AH-64 Apache helicopter, known as the “Collateral Murder”.The founder and director of Wikileaks  Julian Assange, who is now living in the Ecuadorian Embassy. He has been accused of terrorism by the US because he published illegalities committed by the army. If the US army hadn’t committed any crimes, Julian wouldn’t have been able to publish any secrets. Unfortunately, when journalists like him decide to investigate crimes of war, they face prosecution from governments.

Julian has also been accused of raping a Swedish woman. However, he has become very popular all around the world, and it seems that the only strategy with which to attack him is to destroy his popularity. This is the true state of freedom that exists in the world. It makes me think that anyone who is brave enough to investigate crimes of war could face a life prosecution. In my opinion, Wikileaks has been doing a great job since it was founded. think that the neutrality that they have maintained is important. They have disclosed millions of leaks from all countries around the world without any bias. Without Wikileaks, we could not be aware of about what governments do, and what they are trying to hide from the public. No one should be prosecuted for investigating crimes committed by governments.

Now, let’s talk about Lauri Love, a 31-year-old man from the UK, who could be extradited to the USA and face 99 years in prison.He’s accused of hacking into governmental agencies including the US Army, NASA, and the Federal Reserve, among others. I am not saying that he did not commit any crimes, because if he hacked into some federal agencies he committed a crime, but I can’t understand several things in this case .

In fact, if he is extradited to the USA he would face 99 years in prison. However, the same crimes in the UK  result in a year and a half in prison. I see many inconsistencies in this case. the judge ruled against him and the British Judge ruled that Lauri Love can be extradited to the United States on hacking charges. He still can appeal. I want to remember that in accordance to several doctors, Lauri Love if ever extradited could commit suicide since he suffers from Asperger’s.

Let’s unify and change this system peacefully!


Hillary and Donald

We are anticipating a big showdown between Hillary and Donald.

Hillary Clinton has a wealth of experience as a politician and in the US administration, but she is a mythomaniac (Psychiatry: the tendency to lie, exaggerate, or relate incredible imaginary adventures as if they had really happened – occurring in some mental disorders), and this is a big deal. For the public, it has gotten quite complicated to know when she is speaking the truth.

In my opinion, increasing numbers of people have realized that she suffers from the mental disease that I mentioned. So people cannot take her words seriously any more. However, she may succeed and become the new president of the USA. If she has some chance to become the president it’s because her rival is even worse, and people, this time, will vote for the less worse candidate.

I cannot understand why she lies about minor things. For example, in the 9/11 commemoration, she said she had an allergy. But after a few days, she admitted that she had pneumonia. Usually, these kind of lies show a person’s character.If she lies about minor things, then what else is she able to lie about?I also wonder what was the advice from her campaign advisers.

Let’s now talk about Donald. He also lies but not as much as Hillary. Actually, many people would like him to lie more because his speeches bring a state of terror. He’s an arrogant racist who stems from the rich. He is pro guns and against gender equality. What else could he be?He’s a entertainer. I doubt he could rule a country efficiently because he isn’t diplomatic, and he is very intolerant. It would be funny to see all of his mistakes as president and the pictures that would be taken in international meetings with presidents around the world. He doesn’t have any experience at all in politics. However, the people in the USA are starting to be desperate, and he will have a chance to become a president in November. It’s true that he has been a successful businessman, but I would like to know the details behind his success.He did not single handedly build his empire. We cannot forget that his father was already a businessman in New York, and Donald took advantage of that.

This time, the people will have a difficult time choosing a president, for they will destroy the US’s international image. Unfortunately, the USA will become a really close country, and people from other countries will be afraid to go there. I also doubt that the USA will be able to maintain his allies, and some countries will stop supporting them.I dream about Americans who will start to vote for third parties but that is almost impossible. For that to happen, something important should happen.

This text is normal. So, guys who like monitoring people should spend their time and money on other things.