Trump and Putin: The Proliferation Of the Nuclear Arsenal

Putin and Trump have announced their intentions to extend the nuclear capacity of their countries. The announcements come after Putin and Trump suggested that they both will work together to solve international affairs (like the war in Syria). 

For its part, the international community has shown its worries over what apparently, is the beginning of a new nuclear arms race between Russia and America.

Experts and journalists, who are scrutinising the case consider that, in extending their nuclear arsenal, Trump and Putin are saber-rattling because they secretly want to funnel money to the military industrial complex. Nevertheless, they agree that it is hard to predict Trump’s intentions since he is “deranged.” Other experts, however, have suggested that Trump and Putin have made such a decision to maintain their international influence.

A small error could trigger a nuclear war with unpredictable consequences, including the extermination of a city or human extinction. Supposedly, it will not happen because there is not any government in the world willing to support such an idea. Secret services from several countries have recently warned about the fact that terrorist groups are trying to obtain weapons of mass destruction (including nuclear). In such a scenario, the launch of a nuclear bomb by a terrorist group could cause a misunderstanding between Russia and the U.S. triggering a disaster.

For years, the international community, and the civil society have warned both countries about the dangers of possessing nuclear arms. Hopefully, It will be enough to make Putin and Trump change their ideas related to the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Until then, they should increase the security in their nuclear facilities. According to governmental authorities from both countries, the nuclear facilities are not safe at all; in fact, terrorists had easy access to obtain nuclear weapons.

The survival of humanity depends on the dismantlement of the nuclear arsenal and weapons of mass destruction in the world.



8 thoughts on “Trump and Putin: The Proliferation Of the Nuclear Arsenal

  1. This renewal of the nuclear arsenal should be of grave concern to a world committed to survival. Even in the hands of cool, collected, rational, thoughtful individuals we should be highly disturbed. Unfortunately, we don’t have world leaders, especially our President elect, who fit that description. Head for the hills, brothers, what we have seen in movies is now our reality.

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  2. Search YouTube for all those “duck and cover” and anti-cold/nuclear war song videos. Kids of the 80’s, it’s time to remember what it was like to live with that fear. Do you want your children and grandchildren to relive that?


      1. It certainly did for my generation… I was terrified by the possibility… now that generation or two are just getting to that age where we can affect some changes… if only we log off of Facebook and put our phones down long enough.

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