Threats for 2017, and Global Resistance

In many ways, 2016 will be remembered as the year when society lost its common sense. Fascism became predominant in the world again, with Trump as a visible face; governments increased their violations of human rights; and the right to privacy, free speech and the freedom of the press were eliminated. In 2017, our society will face crucial events which could change this dynamic or make it worse.

Here are some of the global events and threats for 2017:

-Refugees: Millions of refugees are still along our borders waiting for a solution. In many cases, they have been living in precarious conditions for years now. It is provoking a humanitarian crisis that must be addressed as soon as possible. However, the Alt-Right political party and the elitist media are criminalising all refugees to halt their entrance into Western countries.

-Russia: Putin is increasing the nuclear capability of Russia to have more influence in the world. He is also abolishing human rights in Russia. As a result, activists and journalists are criminalised and sometimes assassinated by the government.

-Israel: Netanyahu’s rhetoric against the international community and Palestine is becoming more radical. He is threatening everyone who opposes his genocidal ideas. The potential international isolation of Israel, combined with his deranged actions make him a dangerous person. Everything indicates that in 2017, he will radicalise his rhetoric.

-Europe: In 2017, France, Germany and the Netherlands will hold presidential elections. Marine Le Pen (France), Geert Wilders (the Netherlands), and the tandem Frauke Petry/Jörg Meuthen(Germany) will be the perspective presidential candidates. Boosted by Trump’s success, they will have real chances to win the election in their countries representing a threat to the fundamentals of democracy.

-U.S.: Like Putin, Trump will also try to increase the nuclear capability of the U.S. representing a threat to the world. Trump is the visible face of fascism, and his ties with Alt-Right organisations, represented on his cabinet by Bannon, indicates that his presidency will soon turn authoritarian. It is foreseeable that Trump will try to abolish several human rights in the U.S.

As far as we know, these are threats to our democracy and human rights. It is in this context that, people will have to organise a global resistance to defend their rights. In conclusion, 2017 will be the year of the consolidation of fascism, violations of human rights, authoritarianism or the year that civil society will organise to defeat all these threats.


24 thoughts on “Threats for 2017, and Global Resistance

  1. I think 2016 may actually be the year many citizens awoke and realized many of their country’s policies weren’t working. Unchecked immigration continues to have awful consequences such as Berlin terror attack. I think Israel has the right to defend itself in spite of recent betrayal by U.S. I think many of these European countries and those in U.S. realize they would like a leader whose main concern is the well-being of their own citizens. While some may call this nationalism or fascism, I, personally, would rather have a decent job, safe immigration policies, and a strong national defense rather than a leader whose priorities seem to be elsewhere.


    1. A few questions to determine whether it worths talking to you or not.

      – Do you justify War Crimes?
      – If you ever become a refugee, would you like to be rejected?
      – Do you approve Hitler and Mussolini atrocities?

      P.S. In the case that you are from the U.S., I want to remember you that the only Native Americans are Indians. How do you treat them?(your government, people etc.). According to the positions adopted by the Alt-Right and Right-Wing parties in the U.S., it would legitimate Indians to “kick you out from the country.” So to me, it is hypocrisy and ignorance.

      Later, I will develop it more in case it worths talking to you.

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      1. I do not approve of war crimes, there are rules for refugees/immigrants, and I do not approve of Hitler or Musslini’s crimes.
        There were warring/aggressive Native Americans and more peaceful Indians whose lands were taken by these aggressive tribes. If we are truly going to follow the logic of returning lands to their original owners, then these peaceful Indians would get their lands back. But expanding own’s territory is nothing new; the Romans, British, Dutch, French, Spanish…everyone did/was doing it. Africa, Asia, South America, North America… all these lands were claimed/colonized at one time.


    1. I do not think you can equate anti-Israeli government policy with anti-Semitic at all. For the good of the world there has to be a settlement of this long-running sore. An agreement that finds a compromise and gives Israel and the Palestinians a fair outcome. There is injustice that threatens peace. It needs sorting out and the policy of continuing to take land is not helping. The Israeli governments policies are at fault as well as the Palestinian terrorism.


  2. In response to Hazmatt – I think Bob Dylan summed it up -‘It’s ,like saying if you’ve got a cold take a dose of malaria’.
    The warring tribes were defending their lands against an outside intrusion. The use of smallpox blankets and deliberate wiping out of the buffalo were war crimes on a scale of magnitude unthought-of. Broken treaties, forced marches, callous massacres.
    Perhaps then we should move on to slavery and the exploitation of the poor whites and migrant labour?
    This wimpy fear that America suffers from regarding terrorism is sad. The fear to travel to Europe because you might get blown up when you’ve got more chance of being killed driving to the airport.
    It is all out of proportion and being exploited by Trump, Wilders and Le Pen in a fascist resurgence. I’m sure Hitler and Mussolini were just making the country work better and solving problems.
    This time, instead of the Jews, it is the Muslims.
    The migration crisis has been caused by Middle Eastern policy and war coupled with overpopulation and climate change.
    Time we set about solving problems instead of creating bigger ones.


  3. It’s pretty clear the past does not hold the answers. Something fundamental has come undone. When science confirms a particle can exist in 2 places at the same time, how long before all rules get scrapped?
    We are going through a transition similar to the 1600,s when the Church had to admit the sun did not circle the earth. Gnothe sueton.


    1. Oh yes, it does! But you have to go back to 1935 and take a very close look at the world, keeping in mind that the human race has developed nuclear- and bio-weapons since then!
      It could all start in at least a dozen different locations, spreading fastrer than you can ever imagine, and GPS as well as Internet will be shut down in an instant! Then what . . .?


      1. What makes you think you ‘can go back to 1935 and take a very close look’?
        Every thing you do now is filtered through the you of your present moment, and that changes everything. History has always been ‘fake news’ told in aversion most beneficial to those writing it down. Why not try writing down your own, in the integrity of what you most truly desire?


      2. Because I’m rathe of age and do remember a bit about what happened; like the depression throughout Europe and the many small events that lead up to WW II.
        There are quite a few similarities to today!


      3. With respect, could it be what you really experienced as a child (not those things your adult mind calls leading up ‘to depression in Europe’) are part of the filter selecting to confirm unresolved fears for you to address for your own peace of mind?


      4. Combined with the history books we read in school, newspapers and people/relatives around you, I do have a somewhat different background to the youths of today. In many places ‘history’ seems to be a forgotten theme – unfortunately!
        It’s also said that history has a tendency to repeat itself. I do remember that as a yhouth i was rather reluctant to accept this as a fact. Now I’m willing to acceept is a factual!


      5. History has lost credence as we discover “quantum entanglement” everywhere. It is not history that repeats but our held-to belief systems that recreate history out of habit. I feel fortunate to live in a time when the speed of awareness, created by the web and the vast number of people now on the planet, is surfacing the hidden hierarchies of control that have spun that wheel for their own benefit , to the detriment of many. You make a difference . Your freedom lies in the choices you make to honor your own energy field first. From there, clarity follows, even as the engines of history shut down.


      6. So you believe everything you may dig up on the net because you’ve got it through modern sources like networks, streaming, sharing, Facebook or whatever? Please yourself, but I don’t! (Been here too long!)


      7. What the net does, compounded by the number of people (energy fields) on the planet is quicken the velocity of consciousness , for example, the sense of time shrinking that is now prevalent. So the distant between cause and effect shortens to the point of more and more transparency of everything, good and bad. Those raised in the days of analog, like you and I, have an especially difficult task of threading the needle of our own comfort zone. But this also increases the potential benefit when we swim against the tide of the mass consciousness.


      8. I’m a proficient swimmer/diver who thrive in that particular element, but I agree. The flow of information is moving way faster than before and with no boarders at all.
        The speed, however, doesn’t seem to change the direction of our world for the time being? I noticed that even the old Russian leader, Gorbatchov, launched the same idea as I was:
        Our world goes in the wrong direction, and if we do not succeed in altering the course, we may end up in a nuclear confrontation.
        And the people being responsible for that, will all most likely be dead!
        A few people outh to learn what it means to count to at least ‘ten’?!


      9. Does that thought make you feel weaker or stronger? If weaker, someone else is taking your power. If stronger, you’ve located a lever that Archimedes described that with it and a place to stand he could move the world.


    1. That is about the truth of it?! Look around you! Hear their voices! Observe the happenings around the world! Then pretend you are a 4-star general listening in trying to establish what will happen tomorrow? Myself I’ve passed 80 (and I’m pretty happy about it 🙂 )


  4. Beware of what you ask for, ’cause you may get it! A true word Americans probably will never ever forget in the near future? Over the next decade our World will change! And since the people of the world doesn’t posess nuclear weapons, our only ‘weapon’ is elections. Or should I say ‘careful elections’?
    We have just witnessed what dissatisfaction and despair may do to an election? And unfortunately I believe that we won’t be getting many new chances in the near future?
    So let’s do this right, or it will be too late to turn around!

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