With Trump As President and Bannon As Chief Strategist, the Freedom of the Press Is in Danger

Donald Trump will be soon sworn in as president of the United States of America. Before that happens, Trump is occupied choosing the future members of his cabinet while the international community is fretting over this because, apparently, it will include racists, climate change deniers, and human rights violators.

There are fears that Trump’s cabinet will try to reform the system to re-centralize power and restrict the freedom of the press. In such a context, the U.S. media and freelance journalists are preparing themselves to work under restrictive conditions to circumvent the upcoming censorship.

During the last campaign, the tandem Bannon/Trump launched an unprecedented mass attack on the U.S. media to convince people that critical journalists were criminals. (Clinton did something similar by ordering some media to hide her misconduct during her term as Secretary of State).

As far as we know, during Trump’s candidacy his strategy of attack on the media was successful in attracting new potential voters. Back then, his influence was limited to his reputation as a supposedly successful businessman. But now, as president-elect his influence and power have increased and he will probably use them to censor unfavourable news related to him.

Apparently, Trump will soon order Bannon to design a plan to set up restrictions on the freedom of the press. In light of the Trump campaign’s victory, Bannon will try to be very severe.

Bannon is the co-founder of Breitbart, a newspaper which embraces xenophobia, racism, and fascism. Bannon is also working with fascist leaders from all across the world like Le Pen and Farage to change the world order.

Bannon calls himself a nostalgic fascist, who misses the times when fascism was predominant in the world. Considering the fact that during those times, freedom of the press did not exist at all, we must expect from him constant attacks on the media and against freelance journalists. We must expect from him constant attacks on the media and against freelance journalists.

If Bannon succeeds, it will then soon be exported to some other Western countries, which will be a disgrace. In globalisation, ideas and trends spread rapidly all across the world. It is the main reason why foreign journalists are terrified.

People do not tend to value media very much because there are “infinite” sources from where someone can obtain information. But it may soon change overnight and then the reaction time will be ridiculous insufficient. For that reason, we should think about how important it is to be able to choose from where we obtain information to be well-informed and take action.

Whether you are a journalist or not, you should protect your human rights. If you are a journalist, you should remain loyal to your public regardless of what government sanctions and threats.

Without journalism, there is no information, and without information, our lives become virtual.

13 thoughts on “With Trump As President and Bannon As Chief Strategist, the Freedom of the Press Is in Danger

  1. great stuff here, there are two interesting points, one being does Bannon have to be concerned about clamping down in press freedoms when those that vote for him don’t believe in the press anyway? I feel he’ll almost create parallel news-verse quite like what we have, where their news will be the real news, and the real news the fake news. I think we have gone way beyond Orwell’s double-speak and into what do we believe? Real journalists will have to form a union and carry a banner of authenticity so we know who they are.

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  2. Thank you for posting this. Without a free press, well, it’s going to get even uglier. I have been pondering what to think about this whole situation and there were so many entities that literally ‘dropped the ball’, didn’t do their jobs. The Press. The Clinton Team. The Democratic Party. The Republican Party.

    It is truly sad times when the only people saying anything reasonable is that comedy channel news show again…

    The Press needs to take their job seriously. Stop following the shiny stuff… and GET BACK TO WORK. It’s cute that you want to ‘entertain us’, but really, we have no idea what we ‘want’… but you have access to the information we NEED…

    The Clinton Team need to step up and speak out for the electoral voters that want to vote their conscience but ‘don’t see the point’ due to *enter excuse here*. (It’s their right… they should exercise it, yes, even if it means jail-time… we the people will be more than happy to set up a gofundme page for legal fees…)

    Electoral College: Now is the time for civil disobedience.


  3. It amazes me media spin has not slowed a bit since the election. First the Russian hacking and now China. I have certainly looked differently after the election at the way news is presented.


  4. While Trump may seek to curtail the press in future, I’d be more worried about the fake news narrative being promoted by the media to suppress independent sources (like this one), as well as the attempt by the government to suppress Wikileaks by claiming not that their facts are incorrect, but that they were leaked by the Russians. Is there any evidence of this supposed hacking? I haven’t seen any. If Trump sees Obama getting away with these tactics, it will only embolden him to do the same.


  5. god i hope this Russian hooker stuff is real and sinks this arrogant prick soon. as i responded to Re at Sparks in Shadow: let us hope he is so arrogant, so corrupt, and so bad at creating jobs, that even the scummy Republicans turn on him for fear of not being re-elected. could happen. continue…


  6. The point isn’t in personalities at the top but in abilities at the bottom. People must be able to actually think. For themselves. Which means facts, not personalities. Judge by results, not mouthings.

    I frequently quote the Law of Contradiction:

    “Contradictions do not exist (they can’t) — whenever you find an apparent contradiction, look to its premises because one or more is false”

    But people won’t do that. They prefer to listen to the loudest mouth rather than ferret facts or compare blathering with Reality. So—you have a Free Press, or you don’t. You are Constitutional—or you are not. Your elected dictators have to abide by your Constitution … or they don’t. Etc etc.

    Ranting about it isn’t going to help anyone. And THAT is where they have you all by the testimonials …


  7. Interesting article. But I’m not as worried about Trump as I would have been about Clinton. Non of the candidates were worthy statesmen, in my opinion.

    Clinton is / was a confirmed globalist and would have continued the wars first started under Bush and then escalated and increased under Obama. She promoted U.S. open borders and intimated war with Russia.

    I believe in a multi-polar world with cooperation between countries not a uni-polar world with the U.S. imposing it’s so called democracy and values on others.
    That’s the real fascism…
    The Left has pushed it’s ideology too far in the U.S. and this election is just a re-centering.

    The 1st Amendment of our Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and of the press. I see no shortage of either now or believe there will be in the future, in the U.S. but we must remember, a great deal of blood was spilled getting that Constitution and Amendments down on paper.


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