Obama’s Accusation: The Importance of Information

Over the last few days, former president Obama has accused Russia of hacking into Clinton‘s campaign during the last presidential campaign to help Trump to win the White House. Despite the seriousness of the accusation, Obama has not shown any evidence yet. For its part, the Russian government has denied the accusation and has suggested that Obama proves it or end the discussion.

Since the revelations about possible hacking, there has been a serious growing concern about the credibility of Obama’s administration. The vast majority of citizens consider that the still president should show clear evidence before accusing Russia. According to the law, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

The story turned darker when Obama announced that the secret services informed him about the Russian hacking during the last presidential campaign. However, he decided not to inform citizens, apparently, not to influence the election. It has caused a wave of indignation all across the country with unpredictable consequences.

Millions of citizens are now demanding Obama to release more information about the Russian hacking and his miss-conduct. In a democracy, citizens deserve to know crucial developments during an election.

Russia and the U.S. have been hacking each other since the technology has allowed it. For that reason, the confirmation of the Russian hacking would not be a surprise one at all. Furthermore, both countries have hacked into other country’s systems to instigate revolutions against governments democratically elected.

Putin and Obama are demanding respect for their countries when in fact they are disrespecting other countries. In doing so, they are being very hypocritical. Neither Obama nor Putin deserves to be respected until they respect others.

After Obama’s misconduct, the citizen’s distrust in the government and the system is growing, because of their violation of human rights. It depicts a terrible scenario where citizens are condemned if they resist in order to protect their rights. The size and popularity of the resistance will determine it’s success.

Information is vital in our lives; without information you are condemned to live in the darkness. For that reason, it is important that you demand your government to keep you informed about all crucial issues in the country.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. It is up to you to contemplate it from the distance or move and take it back into your life.

Remember you are not alone!

12 thoughts on “Obama’s Accusation: The Importance of Information

  1. what I find laughable about this is that the hacking involved breaking into a senators gmail account? where was the software security? a ten year old kid good have done it. It’s possible but also very weak and puts US security in the dark ages?

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    1. Your intolerance indicates that you may have some “hidden interests” behind your campaign!
      So in the case, that you have received some donations, could you please show to the public how you have invested until the last cent? Thanks! It’s an issue of transparency mate!
      P.S. I also think that the electoral system should change for the better, but your intolerance is unacceptable.


  2. I have not heard so much BS in my life. The very fact that our systems were hacked is reason enough to hold a congress enquiry. Who really gives a cats ass if DJT won the election you creeps should country 1st before partisanship. When ever there’s a denial and diversionary tactics rest assured there’s culpability. Put all the bustards under oath including the Donald & get to the bottom of this.

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  3. Okay… first, it wasn’t the Obama Administration. It was the CIA that said that they had traced the hacks to Russia. The only thing that isn’t certain is whether it was state-sponsored or not.

    The DNC expressed concerns early on that it was Russia that had hacked their email servers (as well as the RNC)… however, the Obama administration did not push forward with the investigation at the time (for unknown reasons)… however, evidently, the CIA, doing their job, went ahead with it…

    Since the CIA came out with the intel, the Obama administration has done a lot of back-peddling, saying, “Well, it was reported in the news in October… (etc.)” Basically, pushing the blame onto the media and the media circus, and unwittingly, inferring that it is ‘we the people’s’ fault for following the email scandal itself rather than the fact that a foreign power was attempting to thwart confidence in US government… etc.

    Besides all that… Trump himself *asked* in fact *begged* the Russian gov’t to hack the DNC.

    It’s no small wonder that we have yet to see any of the RNC’s emails.

    The only ones that really ‘know’ where the emails came from? WikiLeaks. Let’s ask them…

    Great post. Lots to talk about… wish I could hit all the points! 🙂

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    1. UPDATE… CNN reported that an private security company has evidence that it was the Russian military that hacked the DNC and RNC…

      So, I guess there was proof of it being ‘state-sponsored’… Now, who is it that runs the military? 😉

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  4. It amazes me that fact free lying is debated so vehemently. As for those outside the US, stay out of our elections. Australia has a major plebiscite that its govt promised it wouldnt call to debate human rights of their citizens. Immigrants are kept offshore in squalid conditions.

    No one here denies mass misinformation and comms campaign in favor of one candidate from foreign actors. Done.

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    1. I’m sorry, what is “free lying”? Please define.

      And ditto on the ‘stay out of US politics’… but I see no harm in clarifying things to those outside of our country… it is a blog after all – not news. It is all mostly opinion.

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  5. INSANE! Fact Free Lying, not free lying.
    We are taking zero dollars, so my motives are pretty clear, but do keep up your online sleuthing.
    Asking non-Americans to stay out of our elections doesnt mean dont have an opinion. Opine away. But make sure thats where it ends and youre doing everything in the physical world for your own community.
    Gee, what else? Amazing how bad the language and reasoning skills are online.


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