Government Mass Surveillance Is Shaking the Fundamentals of Freedom

Government violation of human rights on a regular basis is representing a real threat to our society. It involves several governments, which are implementing new mass surveillance systems, apparently to protect civilians from terrorists. Nevertheless, it might be another government manoeuvre to distract citizens from the constant violation of our privacy.

Everyone agrees that surveillance systems must exist to prevent terrorist attacks. However, the U.S. and the Russian government in collaboration with some other countries have started to confuse civilians with terrorists, and it is terrifying. Paradoxically, these governments are at the same time, trying to convince their citizens about how wonderful it is to live in their countries where supposedly human rights and people’s freedoms are respected.

An indeterminate number of political representatives think that people are very stupid to believe such fantasies. The powerful propagandist government machinery, combined with the existing level of misinformation and manipulation makes people believe unrealistically.

Trump once said: “I may kill someone and people would still vote for me.” Why should people vote for someone, who kills people? The high level of manipulation is the only possible explanation.

Another example is when Snowden informed us that the U.S. government had been conducting mass surveillance on civilians for years. Back then, a large number of people acknowledged that the U.S. government was violating our rights, and after that some of them took action. However, there were still millions of people who refused to believe it was real even though there was clear evidence, and the government confirmed it.

Surveillance systems are designed to “kill” critical thinking of people, becoming a powerful manipulative tool.

Apparently, there are some countries where human rights are respected by their governments. But is that real or do you believe in it because someone has been telling you since your childhood?

Privacy allows us to think the way we want without any external manipulation. Without it, no one can develop a critically thinking mind, which is determinant in becoming the owner of your life.

In the case of thinking that privacy is important in your life, you may consider using software like Tails, Tor, Qubes and PGP. It helps to circumvent government surveillance. Initially, you may think that it is very complicated to use this software, but it is not at all. After you use it a couple of times, you will be able to use it without any problem on a regular basis.

I am not trying to convince you of anything. Instead, I am asking you to learn how to think critically. Do not believe in anything that other people say to you at first. Try to get some information from different sources and compare them. Then think about it and make your own conclusions.







12 thoughts on “Government Mass Surveillance Is Shaking the Fundamentals of Freedom

  1. Not sure how much you know about me or my story, but I didn’t think for myself until I was 51 years old. Before that time, I believed everybody who wore a badge. Unfortunately, I had to learn to think for myself the hard way. Fortunately, I did learn.

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  2. This is true are supposed freedom loving countries are creating terror by invading foreign countries and blindly selling weapons to supposed freedom fighters who end up in the west committing further atrocities. and our freedom loving countries imposes draconian security measures to spy on us because of the violence they themselves are perpetrating. You make an important point about thinking and how this affects us and that’s important as essentially it kills our creativity and makes us all sick. I wouldn’t bother with software to protect myself as I have nothing to fear but its a dark world we are creating. Thanks for the post.

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  3. I am keeping an eye on you… lol.

    I agree… Thinking critically is a valid, and important skill in the information age. however… that skill is learned. And our schools have failed us in that regard (though there is a movement to return it to the curriculum). That being said, I would add to your suggestion for those out there that want to learn critical thinking skills, take a college course, or go to the library and check out some books. There are some great ones. My favorites are: “The Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense” by Suzette Haden Elgin (1980) and “A Rulebook for Arguments” by Anthony Weston (2000). But there are literally mounds of information out there… my only suggestion is to keep to books published BEFORE 2000, the older, the better. Because, well, it’s hit or miss if that person really has a true liberal arts background. (check the bio)

    That being said, if you don’t have the skills, if you don’t understand the nuances of the English (or your own) language… then you are at risk of being ‘swayed’… and reading different ‘opinions’ is not a good way to come to a decision, well, unless you’re choosing a tie, or shoes to go with that dress. I have series of posts on News Bias, that has some tips for critical thinking… feel free to take a look. But I urge you and others to learn the skills, learn the rules of rhetoric and debate, because I guarantee that even if the person doesn’t realize it… they are using those rules, and the less they know about the process, the more they will come to depend on fallacies to support their arguments.

    Thanks for keeping it real. Good read! 🙂

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  4. You should warn people, however, that critical thinking may cause you to disagree with everyone around you–and feel nauseous to see delusional millions of voters agree to horrible choices, such as Brexit or Trump–or fences against refugees and immigrants. One begins to wonder which is worse–the corrupt institutions or the sheep that buy into their indoctrinaire media–the cynical governments or the rapacious corporations–the endless greed or the mindless hate?. Ultimately, one faces a real danger of becoming permanently misanthropic. Even with a strong faith in the ultimate good inherent in human nature, a clear-eyed view of our present society can still make one feel ashamed to be a member of the species.

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