Netanyahu: “the Right of Protection”

Days after the UN (United Nations) condemned the expansion of the Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced that Israel will not abide by the UN resolution because it is an attempt against Israeli’s security. Instead, Netanyahu announced mass punishments against the countries that voted for the resolution.

Netanyahu considers that the expansion of Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories serves to protect Israel from terrorism. Nevertheless, the international community reflects that the existing dispute between Israel and Palestine will increase.

Netanyahu is leading a radical coalition, considered to be the most right-wing in Israeli history.Avigdor Lieberman, who heads Yisrael Beiteinu – the other major party in the ruling coalition – opposes to recognise Palestine as a state. He has also proposed to transfer the Arabic community (including Israeli Citizens) from Israel to Cisjordania to evade a forthcoming Arabic majority in Israel.

Lieberman demanded to expand the settlements in Palestinian territories, as a condition to enter into a coalition with Netanyahu. Lieberman thinks that the Palestinian territories belong to Israel. It will make improbable the negotiation of the peace with Palestine while he is the Israeli minister of defence. It is in this context that Netanyahu has experienced a sudden radicalization. It worries the international community, who considers that Netanyahu’s actions are undermining the forthcoming negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

The international community recognises the right of Israel to protect the country from terrorists. It also considers that the Israeli occupation kills any possible process of peace in the region. The only possible solution is the mutual acknowledgement of both states.

No one doubts that the Palestinian government made mistakes in the past, which contributed to undermining possible agreements, but not in the last few years. The terrorism from Palestine is also widely rejected by the international community. However, it is not an excuse to avoid negotiating a lasting agreement which satisfies both sides. Netanyahu’s imperialistic vision in collaboration with Lieberman is making it nearly impossible.

Netanyahu should think about why the international community has almost unanimously condemned his policies. In the case that Israel takes more unlawful actions, it will become gradually more isolated from the international community.

Netanyahu expects that Trump’s presidency will halt any sort of international sanctions against Israel. However, the UN resolution opens the possibility for the Palestinian government to invoke the International Court of Justice (ICJ). If it ever happens, Trump will not be able to halt any prosecution or investigation against the Israeli government. In the case that the government is finally found guilty of any crime, the international community will be obliged to implement financial sanctions on Israel. It would have negative impacts on the citizens since the Israeli economy would fall down. Hopefully, the Israeli government will rethink its suicidal positions.

As a consideration, It is impossible to protect a country by imposing violence on your neighbourhood because it provokes more violence. There have been similar scenarios in history with a bad end. Governments should learn from history not to make same mistakes over and over again.



7 thoughts on “Netanyahu: “the Right of Protection”

  1. The only thing that is preventing mass war in the region is the continued backing of the terrorist state of Isreal by the international community. If the UN and the US were to completely stop supporting Isreal in this matter and refuse to offer any military support there would be all out war in the region in a matter of weeks. Isreal would not exist if not for the continued backing of western powers and it’s time it stopped. If the locals won’t accept a two state solution then the only thing left for the international community to do is walk away..

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  2. “Netanyahu considers that the expansion of Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories serves to protect Israel from terrorism. Nevertheless, the international community reflects that the existing dispute between Israel and Palestine will increase.”
    WoW! The jew’s propaganda is relentless. I wonder if they have forgotten that everything that comes out of their own mouths is a lie or if they have started to actually believe their own lies over time.
    As the saying goes: Tell a lie often enough, the lie becomes the truth.

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  3. I’m going to casually ignore the anti-Semitic statement up there… *la la lah*

    Anyway… nice, fair, post and overview of the situation. Not sure about a few things, but that situation is such a mess, it’s hard to know what is really going on one moment to the next anyway.

    Israel will have to come to terms with the fact that the land is shared and consider that when members of the UN stated that the concept of a Jewish state is ‘racist’… well, maybe, just maybe, they are ‘sort of’ right?

    Somehow when I think of it, I always remember the Solomon story about the 2 mothers and the baby… (which in Sunday school was told as 2 farmers and a cow, lol.) Anyway… who loves it most? And… does it matter whose it is? No one in the international community, not even the UN, can answer that for them.

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      1. Um… if you are lumping all ‘Jews’ as one entity, generalizing, and calling them All liars?

        Yes… that is racist, and generally is a bad practice in social situations.

        Otherwise, statements like, ” poor people are all stupid and criminals” or “blacks are all poor” or that “white supremacist are all backwards rednecks without an education” would be fair game…

        (Obviously you, judging by your writing and grammar skills have an education… so I am only giving examples of how it doesn’t apply.)

        Look, I get where a lot of whites in this country are bothered. I’m white. I grew up in rural and/or poor areas… perhaps I will do a blog later in the year… because, yes, despite the hate spewed, I think that there are issues that need to be addressed before we can continue… we just need to be civil about it… if it is ever possible.


      2. Our enemies are not “civil” towards us. Why should I be “civil” towards them?
        I have documented hundreds of incidences Where a jew says the White Race should and will be genocided. I have NEVER heard one of their fellow jews denounce them. So, yes! I will “lump” all jews together. They’re ALL guilty of White Genocide! If you have not seen nor heard any of these quotes you’re not looking hard enough. I’ll share one documentation of a jew telling us they are intentionally genociding us…
        Go ahead… Read it! Jews are taught to hate us “Goyim” from an early age.
        Therefore, I shall not love thy enemy and turn the other cheek!
        This is the proper mindset I encourage when it comes to enemies…
        “Hate your enemies, and if a man smite you on one cheek, smash him down; smite him hip and thigh, for self preservation is the highest “law”. He who turns the other cheek is a cowardly degenerate, a christling, a christian dog. Give blow for blow, doom for doom, scorn for scorn, with compounded interest liberally added thereunto. Make yourself a terror to your adversary. Thus shall you make yourself respected in all walks of life.
        Hate for hate and ruth for ruth. Eye for eye and tooth for tooth. Scorn for scorn and smile for smile. Love for love and guile for guile. War for war and woe for woe. Blood for blood and blow for blow. Love thy kindred, love thy friends, love thyself, and hate thine enemies with a whole “heart”. Be a foe to your friends foe – a friend to your friends friend. Resist evil. Be as a lion in the path. Be dangerous even in defeat.” ~ Ragnar Redbeard


      3. lol. You really are for real, aren’t you? 🙂

        I just do not agree… we will have to simply agree to disagree.

        I wish there was something I could say, one word, one phrase to help you, but all I can say is that your hate, it is blinding you, your fears are leading you, and your real enemy? Yourself.

        I’m working on a blog in my head right now… perhaps if I get to write it, I will send a link your way… thanks for the input, you really helped me think differently and understand some concepts…

        Best wishes in the new year.


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