Hillary Clinton Suggested To Kill Julian Assange By Using a Drone

Hillary Clinton suggested in 2010 to kill Julian Assange by using a drone in order to stop him from disclosing secrets coming from the US government. However, Julian has responded that his organization will continue publishing all secrets coming from any government in the world because people deserve to know the truth about all the bad practices of their governments.

In recent months, Hillary Clinton has been nominated the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party .Everyone in the country is scared about her instigating crimes against journalists. Freedom of press is something really important in a country to ensure that people can freely choose what to read. However, she wants to censor all media that publish articles, which suggest that she has committed several crimes. She will not be able to stop brave journalists, who want to inform people about the truth about politics. The media should be independent across the country; however, they are indirectly controlled by political parties. It is scary because no one should control the media since it is a powerful tool to manipulate people.

It is a fact that Hillary has already committed several crimes, according to Wikileaks. However, she has not been prosecuted yet because she is being endorsed by powerful people and some police agencies. It is degrading to see that powerful people can avoid prosecutions and it sends a message to people, “if you come from the working class, then you better shut up or you will be prosecuted” On the contrary “if you are powerful, then do whatever you want you are safe.”

Judges, police officers, and all workers the US administration should think about doing the right thing. Some of themshould be brave enough to prosecute her for all the crimes she has committed. This is the only way to ensure that true democracy still exists.