Catalan independence movement denounces in Brussels mass Spanish illegal espionage

Elizenda Paluzie, former President of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and David Fernández, former CUP MP, denounced in Brussels the “mass political espionage” against the independence movement using spyware such as Pegasus. They both said that they would use all available judicial tools to bring Spain to justice.

Paluzie: “It is necessary to exhaust all judicial avenues against espionage. We must fight everything. We must not let things happen.” She also emphasized the need to not let the espionage scandal have a “paralyzing effect” on the independence movement. “It is important for the movement that we give a positive message of empowerment and persistence in our ideas and activities,” she said.

David Fernández: “The use of spyware is an attack against a peaceful political movement. We would hope that all the democratic parliaments did something so that it would not happen again and that it would be investigated, but this isn’t happening. It is not only that they do not respond to us, nor in the European Commission.”

Chloé Berthélémy, an expert in digital rights, also participated in the event organized by ANC Brussels. She criticized the European Commission’s response to espionage against the pro-independence movement. “They said that it is a European competition as if being spied on was normal. That sends a very bad signal to the population. It is necessary to agree on what is and is not acceptable in society. There are things that people want to keep private.”


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