The Spanish Government Refuses Dialogue with Catalonia

On Wednesday, the Spanish government once again refused dialogue with Catalonia and decided to postpone negotiations with Catalonia until “relevant agreements” can be reached, despite the fact that such agreements could not be reached without dialogue and negotiations.

These statements made by the spokesperson for the Spanish government, Isabel Rodríguez, come after the Catalan government called on the Spanish administration to hold serious negotiations to solve the ongoing conflict.

“The Sánchez administration only looks for excuses to avoid negotiations. We ask the Government to work on past commitments and not to look at any other side or look for excuses,” said spokeswoman for ERC, Marta Vilalta.

The Spanish government has been seeking to discuss minor issues in bilateral commissions and in the conference of autonomous presidents. Therefore, the next meeting will be held on February 25th, where the Spanish government expects to adopt unilateral decisions.

The agreement between Spain’s PM Pedro Sánchez and ERC was signed in early January 2020. It was specified that negotiations on resolving the political conflict would begin within two weeks and would take place monthly. Since then, only two meetings have been held without any discussion on the political conflict.

2 thoughts on “The Spanish Government Refuses Dialogue with Catalonia

  1. I am far from an expert in Spanish relationships, have enough problems understanding the UK government, let alone the Spanish.

    But I do feel for the people of Catalonia, they are quite rightly wishing for some forms of self independence, but this is something which which the Spanish authorities are willing to consider, as it is not just Catalonia, but also the Basque region and Spain is not willing to grant any area any real firms of much degree of self government.

    In the UK we have our own problems with Scotland and Wales, perhaps not so with Northern Ireland where the problems are somewhat different.

    For me if Scotland really dies wish to be independent from England then so be it, but I would be sorry to see the break up of the UK, for the outcome would not be easy for any one.

    This I feel would be similar for Catalonia, but do feel that Spain should provide more than they are willing to do for the Catalonian people.

    But I am not Spanish so technically it us nothing to do with me, but I hope for all concerned that a much more understanding outcome can be achieved.


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