The UN Presents a Report on Human Rights Violations by Spain, to the Human Rights Council

Last Friday, the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (UNWGAD) presented its report on Spain’s human rights violations in its treatment of the jailed Catalan leaders to the Human Rights Council. 

In May, the group demanded the immediate release of jailed Catalan leaders Oriol Junqueras, Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart. Their investigation found that both freedom of expression and the right to demonstration and participation had been clearly violated. Likewise, the statement places the Catalan pro-independence leaders within a “peaceful political movement,” and they are in jail “for their political ideas.”

The working group also considered they should have “the right to obtain compensation and other forms of reparation in accordance with international law.”

The UNWGAD investigates arbitrary detentions which are alleged to be in breach of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Although Spain had initially asked to participate in last Friday’s hearing, at the last minute it withdrew without further comment.

Spain’s withdrawal comes after a representative accused UNWGAD of launching a “misinformation campaign.” After last Friday’s hearing, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) will assess the report and make recommendations to all the States which have committed human rights violations, including Spain, though these are not binding.

2 thoughts on “The UN Presents a Report on Human Rights Violations by Spain, to the Human Rights Council

  1. Although it is not binding, there is NO doubt that Spain has been on the run as it were, from Organisations including the UN with regards its Violation of Fundamental Rights. The good thing to come from this tomorrow is that Yet again, it is Vilification that the Catalan Political Prisoners, are being held against the expected norms of European Law, and Expected behavior. This will of course add to the Internal strength of the Catalans not only in Jail fighting for their freedom, but also the Catalans fighting for Catalonia’s freedom from what amounts to a Pariah State working outside what are the Human Right s of all Europeans, and should be of all Citizens everywhere (Worldwide) Also the more that Spain abuses and flouts the Norms of behavior expected of a Modern Democracy, the more they show them selves in the wrong and support builds Externally in the EU the UN and among the Civil populations around the rest of Europe, the better as Justification for the Catalonia to Free itself of what amounts to a Violent state stuck in a Fascist past, and who’s behavior should be Condemned outright by all Democrats in all countries, as well as others that believe purely in Universal Human Rights for all, and wish to Protect them.


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