The Constituent Citizen Debate to Begin in Autumn

Catalan President Torra and Lluís Llach, the head of the advisory council for the promotion of the Civic and Social Forum for the Constituent Debate, announced last week that the debate on the Catalan constituent process will begin in September with seven thematic training days in seven cities across the country.

Llach insisted that the objective was not for civil society to create a Catalan constitution, but come to a consensus to inspire the parties to create it elaborate hypothetical constituent parliament with no date. “The ultimate goal of this process is to debate which country we want, no more.” The constituent debate will have three phases:

1- The territorial platforms formed by entities that the Council has already helped to create after a set of meetings with all regional associations. They will focus on growing.

2- From November to March of next year discussions, based on question and answer sessions will be convened across Catalonia. This system should allow the opinions to be processed and quantified to determine the consensus.

3- The Civic and Social Forum will be convened to synthesize all the territorial debates. Then, they will submit the results to the Catalan Parliament in April.

The results of this Constituent Process should allow the Catalan Parliament to write the future Catalan Constitution.

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