Catalan National Assembly (ANC) Urges JxCat and ERC to Agree on a Unitary Blocking Strategy in Congress

Elisenda Paluzie, president of the ANC, has called on JxCat and ERC to agree on a unitary strategy in the April 28th Spanish elections and hopefully form a blocking minority in defense of the self-determination of Catalonia

In an interview with Europa Press, Paluzie explains that the blocking minority should condition their votes to the recognition of Catalonia as a “political subject” and “the exercise of the right to self-determination.”

“If you do not put these MPs at the service of a unitary strategy to achieve independence when you have a blocking minority; then, what is the sense of your participation in these institutions [Spanish Congress and Senate]?” asked Paluzie.

The ANC warns that if the independentist MPs do not promote this blocking strategy that the entity demands, the only thing that can be understood from this is a “renounce the goal of the Catalan Republic.” Paluzie recalled that JxCat and ERC did have the opportunity to reach agreements when power was distributed, as the agreement they have to govern Catalonia through the coalition executive that leads President Quim Torra. “What we know a little bit about it is that it’s easier to agree on things when you form a government.” So, if they agree to govern together, they should also agree on having a joint strategy in Congress. It is basic and obvious,” she summarizes. 


Paluzie argues that unilateral independence “has been done by most of the world’s independent countries,” and assures that this cannot be linked to a rebellion, nor to an insurrection or violence. She also regrets that independentism has no more self-confidence: “The State sometimes believes more in our possibilities than ourselves.”

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