Donald Trump: the Despicable Warmonger

When Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, not many people, including his most fervent supporters, could ever have imagined that his belligerent actions would one day place us on the brink of WWIII.

Despite his many promises, three weeks ago, Trump directed a tactical strike on al-Shayrat air base (Syria) that was designed to weaken Syrian military defenses against rebels and terrorists, but which also jeopardized diplomatic relations between Russia and the United States.

Prior to that, Trump had attempted to garner a green light from the international community at large in order to launch a preemptive strike against Iran. However, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Hans Blix, warned him that,

“it would be disastrous for the world if the U. S. that it would be disastrous for the world if the U.S. tore up the Iran nuclear deal in which Iran agreed to scale down its nuclear aspirations in exchange for sanctions relief, which brought stability to the region.”

Under the pretext of defending the U.S. against North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, Trump obtained the long-awaited international support needed to implement his imperialist, warmongering plans. Although the international community at first supported Trump, in the end, it established some boundaries aimed at avoiding global instability.

Ignoring international demands, Trump recently announced the deployment of the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier and its carrier group to waters off the coast of the Korean Peninsula. Furthermore, with his usual belligerence, Trump threatened Kim Jong-un, saying that the next time that North Korea conducts either a new ballistic missile or other variety of nuclear test, the U.S. will launch a preemptive strike against North Korea.

According to yesterday’s breaking news revealed by the New York Times, the aircraft deployment was fabricated:

The carrier, the Carl Vinson, and the four other warships in its strike force were at that very moment sailing in the opposite direction, to take part in joint exercises with the Australian Navy in the Indian Ocean, 3,500 miles southwest of the Korean Peninsula.”

“The Carl Vinson is now on a northerly course for the Korean Peninsula and is expected to arrive in the region sometime next week,” Defence Department officials said. The White House declined to comment on the misunderstanding, referring all questions to the Pentagon.”

Amidst growing tension, China, and Russia warned the international community that the U.S. and North Korea are set for a head-on collision and called on Trump to de-escalate the tension in Korea.

Several pundits noted that North Korea does not yet have the capacity to fit miniaturized nuclear warheads on long-range missiles. Nonetheless, North Korean military forces possess conventional weapons that can easily reach South Korean and Japanese targets and deal catastrophic damage.

Despite a multitude of warnings, Trump does not appear to be considering the consequences of a potential war with North Korea, and continues instead to escalate the tension with his usual belligerent rhetoric against Kim Jong-un. Each time this happens, Kim Jong-un announces counter-measures and elevates his nuclear threats against the U.S.

On Saturday, during the traditional military parade for the birth of Kim Jong-il, North Korea showed its armament’s capacity, including what appears to be an ICBM (an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching U.S. soil) However, most pundits think that it has never tested, and its purpose was to send a clear message to Trump.

On Sunday Kim Jong-Un unsuccessfully attempted to test a new ballistic missile, which exploded a few seconds after launch.

Due to the relentless escalation of the conflict, citizens living in the region are preparing for an imminent outbreak of violence. They say that they are used to this kind of narrative between the two countries. This time, however, it appears to be different with Trump, who is a very unpredictable president.

With the drums of war beating, the international community is warning Trump, saying that if he follows through on his threats and attacks North Korea, the outcome would cause up to 1,000,000 or 2,000,000 casualties (according to an investigation conducted two years ago by the Obama administration). It would primarily affect civilians in South Korea and Japan, but also the thousands of U.S. troops deployed in the region.

In response to the constant international pressure, Trump could decide not to attack North Korea. However, it is important to remember that Trump also said that he would never attack the Syrian government, but ended up putting the lie to those words and launched a nighttime attack.

Regardless of the outcome of the Korean conflict, it appears that Trump will continue following in the footsteps of previous warmongering presidents in pursuit of power and popularity. Thus, the only left question is whether Trump will cause more carnage than George W. Bush.

9 thoughts on “Donald Trump: the Despicable Warmonger

  1. Hillary Clinton was, is, and would have been, if elected, a bigger “warmonger” (to use your term) than Trump. Trump is not the problem here, it’s Kim Jong-un and Assad.


  2. There is no reason whatsoever to take war to Iran. Obama damned near had them as uneasy allies, helping us fight ISIS, but Trump is too much of a fool to realize that.

    Trump is hell-bent for war. His recent blustering and outright lie that the Carl Vinson strike group was headed towards the Korean Peninsula adds to his utter stupidity and the reality that he wants to go to war – with Syria, Iran, Korea, hell, ANYONE who will take the bait. The two brainless twits, Bannon and Trump, simply cannot understand what it takes to keep the peace in an already volatile world.

    Or, likely even more sinister – they simply desire a massively destructive war.

    Trump is simply too damned stupid to be in the position he’s in, thinking that an outright war will be survivable in today’s nuclear proliferated planet.

    He’s a warmonger without the brains for either war or peace.

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  3. If Trump is a warmonger, then what does this make Assad & Un comparatively?
    Trump is following an almost linear line of what America has done since WW2. It’s the fact that he said he wouldn’t that is surprising some peowould ple. Predictable that the establishment would suck him back in.


  4. Fears over Trump’s actions and repercussions around the world are justified. There does not appear to be adequate adult supervision in Washington or Pyongyang. I disagree with the post saying Hillary Clinton would have been a bigger war-monger. Based on what? She had the respect of the generals. She understood international relations and didn’t think being a bellicose bully spouting “America First!” was the answer to anything. Her well-justified and hard-earned respect was reflected in the 64 percent approval rating she had at one point as Secretary of State. Beyond all that: Why are you talking about Hillary Clinton? This is about the immature blathering maniac Trump and his cast of clowns, who don’t know in which direction to send the ships. This is beyond scary. It is surreal. And it has been made possible by those who voted for Trump, and those who respond to Trump’s out-of-control behavior by harping on what they contend Hillary Clinton would have done. This is all about Trump. To Trump voters: He’s all yours. Look what you are doing to the world.

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  5. Well, let’s see. Obama set an agreement to pay Iran $4.2 billion in cash. Now, really, boys and girls, are we all so naive to think that this money isn’t going to be used for terrorism? Not only that Obama released and sent back to Iran the top bomb makers that we held in our jails. You fear Trump? What a laugh. If you think kissing the asses of all the terrorists in the world is going to save your ass then you better get a grip on reality unless you want to live under Sharia and if you do then move to Iran. Enough of this hate Trump crap. Time for you all to get out of diapers and learn that we are in a war whether you want it or not.


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