Organizing to Resist Threats to Our Rights

Ongoing political degradation and the rise of bigoted movements in western countries such as the U.S., France, and the Netherlands represent a real threat to our democracy. Its birthplace can be found in the U.S where President Trump has launched his personal crusade against immigration, women, LGBT, and human rights. 

In addition to that, Marine Le Pen in France and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands could soon both follow Trump’s steps as heads of their respective governments. Both have expressed their intent to target immigration and human rights if they win the next elections. They have aslo called on the international community to unite to create an international coalition to spread their ideas worldwide. Such a coalition could be catastrophic, since it would eliminate the rights that our ancestors achieved through decades of fighting.

As a result of all of this, there is clear evidence that, in the near future, bigotry will continue increasing to levels not seen in decades. It is in this context that we cannot wait any longer to unite and organize to resist these threats. For that reason, I suggest we start working to create a new inclusive organization to lead the resistance in western countries. It would fight back against any threat to our society regardless of political orientation.

In most cases, people tend to associate resistance against xenophobia with the Democrats in the U.S and Social Democrats in Europe. Both are supposed to be left organizations which defend the working and the middle class. However, their ties with the so-called establishment backed by previous administrations invalidate them from fighting xenophobic populism.

The resistance against bigoted movements must be broad and target xenophobic leaders, but also those who are acting indecorously by helping bigots such as Trump to win elections in their countries. For that reason, it is not possible to build an effective resistance, settled with old generations of unpopular Democrats (US) and Social Democrats (EU) leaders.

The alternative must come from those who have never represented any political party, instead, it should come through a new organization, which should represent all those minority groups who have been ignored in western countries for decades. It should come from below. Yet it is crucial that we know what this broad movement is for, as well as what it is against.

Under the existing context, a generation of true right defenders are leaving traditional political parties such as Democrats in the U.S., and Socialist Parties all across Europe. They are engaged in a process which causes divisions in their parties and finally, are forced to leave if they want to keep their convictions up. Unfortunately, after they leave their political parties, these brilliant minds feel betrayed and do not want to join any other project since they all seem very similar to each other.

Further, in just a few months, thousands of citizens from all over western countries have started to become interested in politics since they understand that it really impacts in their lives somehow. They are very energetic and want to protect their rights, but they have never participated in any political organization or movement, and they do not know how to do it.

For that reason, we need to start working to create a new inclusive organization to attract either, the millions of citizens from the working and middle classes who are interested in organizing a resistance, and those disenchanted brilliant minds who already left traditional political parties.

During the creation of this organization, there should be intense debate about who is allowed to take leadership positions. In my opinion, if this organization wants to repair the damage that has been caused by traditional political parties during decades, it should limit the participation of those who have ever had positions in other political parties or who have represented them. However, since this platform needs to be inclusive, I think it should discuss with them so we can learn how to prevent similar mistakes in the future.

As mentioned, there will soon be many challenges to confront, and unless we are ready, we will lose our freedoms. So let’s organize and resist these threats. Your contribution could determine the future of our global democracy and liberties. To that end, I am calling on you to share this as many times as you can with your contacts to begin an important discussion about the creation of such an organization.

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2 thoughts on “Organizing to Resist Threats to Our Rights

  1. I agree completely. However; we need but to look at Bernie sanders to understand what a behemoth endeavor it will be to organize a group large enough to fight the establishment and it’s political agenda(s).

    Partisanship is NOT about political views. It never has been and I think you’re aware of that. Rather; partisanship is a scam created to override the freedoms the Constitution gave us, to give the appearance that we have a choice, while in all reality, we have no choice.

    This past election exemplifies that beyond any election I’ve ever witnessed since I first became aware of politics at the end of the Eisenhower Administration and the beginning of the Kennedy years.

    Although some very good presidents have made their way to the WH, it is not because of our votes, it is because of the two choices we’re constantly stuck with through the partisan primaries; the two choices the partisan leaders choose for us.

    We not only need to reform politics in and of themselves, we need a drastic change in the way we elect our political leaders. There are many very good examples, my favorite being the Australian “preferential” voting process, wherein many candidates are on the ballot and they PM is chosen through a means of options numbering 1-however many candidates are in the running. Say there are ten candidates. The only ballot the voters see is one ballot containing all ten candidates. The voters select their most favored candidate as #1, then their second as # 2, etc..

    The person with the most #1 votes become the next PM and is tasked with forming a new coalition government.

    Parliamentary style government such as this is not only far more democratic, it gives the voters absolute power over politicians. For, if they select a PM and he/she turns out to be a Trump disaster, they can force the coalition government to remove the trump disaster and hold an entirely new election.

    It’s very effective, very fair and very powerful.


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