President Trump Has Started His Personal Crusade Against the Islamic Community and Refugees

Yesterday, President Trump started his personal crusade against the world’s Islamic community by signing an order for extreme vetting action to “keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States.” The U.S. will now halt the entrance of refugees from SYRIA, IRAQ, IRAN, LIBYA, SOMALIA, SUDAN and YEMEN.

We want to ensure that we are not letting into our country the very threats that our soldiers are fighting overseas,” We’re going to have extreme vetting for people coming into our country and if we think there’s a problem, it’s not going to be so easy for people to come in anymore,”Trump said.

Numerous experts and the international community have warned Trump that this order does not represent American values.

It is a cruel measure that represents a stark departure from America’s core values,” former Secretary of State Madeline Albright said Thursday

We should not be excluding any religion or nationality from the U.S. refugee resettlement program,” said Michelle Brané, a director at the Women’s Refugee Commission.

Thousands of refugees who have been going through a strict process based on background checks and personal conditions for years will now have to choose another destination.

Earlier today, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) and International Organisation for Migration called on the new President’s administration to continue offering asylum to people fleeing war and persecution, a right protected by international law.

The needs of refugees and migrants worldwide have never been greater and the US resettlement program is one of the most important in the world,” the two agencies said in a joint statement.

The longstanding US policy of welcoming refugees has created a win-win situation: it has saved the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the world who have in turn enriched and strengthened their new societies.”

In his inauguration speech, President Trump said:

“I want to unite the civilised world to fight and eradicate Islamic terrorism”

However, Trump’s decision will help terrorist organisations such as ISIS or Al-Qaeda to maintain their anti-western rhetoric and recruit thousands of new members from among the refugees to attack western countries. It might soon be catastrophic by causing thousand of deaths. President Trump also said:

“Starting today, the government has been returned to its citizens. You will tell politicians what to do.”

It was applauded by a large number of fanatics. However, Trump’s decision to refuse refugees from the Middle East was made against the opinion of the vast majority of Americans. They consider America a country of immigrants, which hosts and protects refugees from warring countries.

The ban of Muslims will also encourage racist organisations from the U.S. to persecute and denigrate refugees who are already settled in the U.S. Since Trump was elected president, there has been a great increase in racists actions against immigrants. These actions are often fueled by Trump and his advisors.

In this context, countries such as China or Russia will soon increase their influence in the world. It will soon leave the U.S. without any influence over important issues. Apparently, with Trump as president, the U.S. will be condemned to international isolation.

Although it is unthinkable, if Trump continues turning the U.S. into an authoritarian state, at some point, the international community might then decide to ban the admittance of American citizens into numerous countries. If that ever happens it would be devastating.

The criminalisation of refugees is absurd and hypocritical. The vast majority of them are fleeing war zones to be safe. They did not choose to be refugees. This status was imposed on them due to conflicts often started by the U.S. and its allies. They deserve more respect from the international community. They have already suffered a lot!

Terrorism should be eradicated from the world as soon as possible, but never by criminalising innocents. Yes, let’s unite to fight terrorism more efficiently, but never ever by persecuting innocents!

Let’s walk together!

By Josep

21 thoughts on “President Trump Has Started His Personal Crusade Against the Islamic Community and Refugees

  1. Well stated. The people that are being turned away or detained right now have been vetted and approved, and are trying to enter the US legally. How can we turn them away? How can we treat them like criminals after their efforts to use our systems for legal entry? How can we send them back to camps or war-torn countries?

    This is just shameful.

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      1. It’s all over the news. People with approved visas were unable to board flights bound for the US, and people were detained at a handful of international airports and threatened with being put on flights back to their country of origin. The ACLU managed to secure a federal injunction on enforcement, so people who arrived in a legal status are not supposed to be turned away.

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  2. Trump is the one who is starting “extreme vetting” from known terrorist countries which would mean that there wasn’t extreme vetting prior to this.
    We’ve had terrorist attacks throughout the US as I’m sure you are aware.
    Only makes sense to me…


    1. Have you read about the air 18-24 month vetting process refugees must go through BEFORE they step on an airplane to America? No single terrorist in the world would put themselves through that: retina scan is, DNA, a United Nations background check Dash if past they are relocated to a different site where DHS conduct a thorough background check. If there is any discrepancy in their story they are rejected, obviously any red flags that hints of a connection to terrorists means they are rejected. By rejected I mean they NEVER step foot on an airplane headed towards the United States. Terrorist don’t want to volunteer they’re DNA, retina scan & hand/fingerprints to the US nor do they want several years of their background confirmed. We have already rejected over 2000 refugees in the vetting process. The majority are women & children.
      Finally, since when do we discriminate based on religion & country of origin, the latter prohibited by statute.
      Furthermore, name one attack on US soil perpetrated by anyone from those 7 countries. I’ll save you the time… It hasn’t happened. We were however attacked by 15 from Saudi Arabia, two from the United Arab Emirates and one each from Egypt & Lebanon. You might remember that was on September 11, 2001. Wouldn’t you think if you wanted to ban people foreign nationals to prevent a terrorist attack you might include foreign nationals from the country that perpetrated the largest terrorist attack on US soil ever? Is it because Donald Trump has business interests in those countries? I know for a fact he does in Saudi Arabia…
      Obviously I respectfully disagree that this policy makes any sense whatsoever.
      Put yourself in the shoes of an Iraqi soldier fighting side-by-side with American special forces against Isis in Iraq. Our president just told everyone of those soldiers that people of their religion AND from their country are unwelcome in America; and 2) we intend to “steal the oil.” Those Iraq he soldiers that we have patiently trained to an effective fighting force are now looking at the American counterparts very differently. One Iraq he Army Commander said, after effusively praising US old yours, flat out said he would go to war with United States before allowing us to “steal the oil” to use Donald Trump’s precise language. Our soldiers over there have to have their head on a swivel and looking for enemies that wish to do harm and now our own allies that may wish to do them harm.
      If you’re one of our many allies in the war on terror from a predominantly Muslim nations, you were just told that your religion is un-American & unwelcome here, plus you may be wondering if Donald Trump may be coming to their country to “steal the oil.” Their motivation to help us May be changing.
      OK this time for real Finally, if you’re a Muslim American who’ve been listening to Donald trumps hateful & bigoted rhetoric for two years and is seeing his actions in just 10 days in office and had just an inkling of disaffection for this country, how many will have reached a tipping point & Decide to conduct a “Loan Wolf Operation”?
      How this policy is supposed to keep us safer than we have been in the 15 years since 9/11? The obvious answer is: IT DOES NOT… It actually makes us less safe here & abroad.

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      1. Wow quick change 😉 – The US has been at war in the Middle East since the early 1990s. Go to and read the actually EO. It’s a ban on potential terrorists and its not that long. As you must know Islam is not the only religion in these countries so it’s obviously not a Muslim ban. Get out of the Echo Chamber


      2. Funny you would mention echo chamber. I have that exact phrase in my Twitter profile. I speak as a lawyer with over 20 years of experience. I have read the poorly drafted EO and could’ve done a better job my first year of law school.

        You say it’s not a Muslim ban however it bands foreign nationals from seven overwhelmingly muslim countries, then makes the huge mistake of carving out a religious exception for “minority religions.” This is where I find it humorous as if a court…any experienced federal judge is going to not see through the thinly veiled religious test. When the only religion that is considered a minority religion in those countries happens to be Christianity… What a coincidence. My daughter is eight years old and she could see through The semantic game that judges find sophomoric and quite irritating. One thing in Trumps favor is the president does have plenary power to protect our borders. However, by statute and by the spirit of our United States Constitution, we are prohibited from imposing or discriminating based upon religion. One thing taught in the first year of law school is whatever you title a contract or in this case an EO is completely irrelevant to the judicial interpretation. Because statements from litigants are admissible under the rules of evidence, the vast number of admissions from both candidate and President Trump have called it a Muslim ban countless times. Rudy Giuliani will be called as a witness to testify about his comments on Fox news where he basically admitted how they tried to carve out a change the obvious and mated admitted Muslim religious basis for this EO, by pretending it is “danger based”. Because President Trump is an actual litigant, is out of court statements are admissible as a hearsay exception.

        One more thing, since you are an expert on the EO, you recall that they specifically referred to the 9/11 attacks by “foreign nationals”. They conveniently neglect those foreign nationals came from the following four countries: Saudi Arabia (15), United Arab Emirates (2), Egypt & Lebanon. Those happen to be the country of origin of the people who ACTUALLY attacked us on our home soil. I believe we have never in our history been attacked on our homeland by anyone from the seven selected nations, which were chosen just so he could point to President Obama’s order to say “see… He did it too.” That’s consistent with the child like thinking of the man-child that watches television in the White House. Of course those comparisons that Press Secretary, Sean Spicer attempted to make and his “Alternative Facts” press conference – anyone with a brain saw through it.


      3. If you really wanted to protect the homeland, you would do something about how easy it is for anyone from within European passport to get into the United States with virtually no scrutiny, no matter what country they come from. If they are born in England or Germany, they’re citizens and can travel here without any vetting whatsoever. Compared to a two-year process where your background is extensively checked by United nation security and then in a separate location, the department of homeland security, in addition to giving up retinal scan’s and finger/palm prints. If you were a terrorist, Which route would you take? This is just political theater attempting to act like a tough guy following through with his “complete and total shutdown of Muslims coming into this country until we can figure out what the hell is going on.” Of course, he never pointed to a single attack over the 15 years since 9/11 except Lonewolf attacks – none of which this drug company in EO would have stopped. Perhaps you should get out of your echo chamber


      4. The point is is that there is precedence for this vetting and banning from a Democrat(s). But did you object then?
        Was it a Muslim ban then? Sounds like hypocrisy to me.
        This is your political theater and we all know it – virtue signaling from the echo chamber…
        If you are so concerned about these people, by all means start a movement to bring them unvetted to your house or town. I’m agreeable to that. Let me know when you do that so I can publish an article praising you…
        Until then, we’ll have to agree to disagree on this.


  3. Thank you for a very clear, accurate and thoughtful post. My thoughts and prayers are with all the “victims” of our mentally unstable President’s latest uninformed and vicious act. I can’t imagine how you tell a child excited about finding a new life in America after fleeing the awful violence of their homeland that they cannot reach their new home–not now and maybe not ever. Donald Trump shold be impeached before his madness allows him to do any more damage.

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  4. I disagree with you. As long as Islamic extremism exists the United States has the right to stop people from entering this country from places that breed terrorists. It is Islam in it’s extreme form that has waged war on this country. From what I see Islam is more a political system with it’s required laws than it is a religion. I have also read enough about it that I understand it’s plan for world domination. Finally we have a president who isn’t blind or stupid to sit back and allow Islam to conquer our country and the world. People are finally waking up to the dangers posed by Islam and it’s plans to conquer the entire world. It is not a religion of peace but of war.


  5. Religious extremism breeds violence whatever the religion. One of my favorite quotes from Krishnamurti (though I don’t agree with It entirely) is:
    “When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerning with the total understanding of mankind.”

    Do I think we should give up labels like Krishnamurti? No. They help us understand the world, but religious extremism should be confronted as we build a world community. I am a human first and second I am an American and a Unitarian Universalist. Being human comes first. Deep down we are all the same: flawed people searching for truth and happiness.
    It saddens me that my fellow Americans are so afraid of ISIL that they let it control them and withhold aid from refugees and treat people who are legal citizens with trepidation. It just adds fuel for more religious extremism.


  6. The only terrorist attacks we’ve had in the United States are the Lonewolf attacks. I’d suggest getting familiar with the vetting process that takes up to 2 years BEFORE they can step foot on American soil. A terrorist would never subject himself to this because he’d have to give up prints, retina scans, DNA & other biometric data.

    Our intelligence agencies thoroughly investigate their backstory to confirm the same & wouldn’t allow them on a plane unless their backstory is confirmed & no terrorist connection are discovered. That’s why it takes up to two years to complete the investigation by our intelligence agencies.

    Trump in his admitted world of “Alternate Facts” would have you believe the TSA looks at whatever paper they hand over at the airport, shrug their shoulders & let them go based on their word.

    Given his demonstrable lack of knowledge about most anything related to government, it is very possible he may not know what The actual vetting process. He’s not very smart & doesn’t read, but that is the actual vetting process. Look it up.

    There is no chance. A terrorist would try to sneak into this country & avoid our vetting process. There are easier ways – through student visas, visas to visit family, tourist visa, any number of ways to get in without going through two years of vetting. This is just basic common sense that our president either lacks or doesn’t care because he just wants to look tough on foreign nationals than we have been.

    How many foreign nationals that have gone through vetting have attacked us? Exactly ZERO. This is a purely political stunt that actually makes us less safe and, even worse, makes our troops overseas less safe. One of the countries banned is Iraq, where our soldiers are currently working side-by-side with Iraq he soldiers who now have learned two things: 1) anyone from their country is not welcome in ours; and 2) our new commander in chief is inclined to “take the Iraqi oil.”

    In response to that completely irresponsible and thoughtless statement, Iraqi officials have said they would go to war with United States rather than allow us to steal their own oil. Trump always talks about how dumb every other president was by announcing our intentions, yet that’s precisely what he just did in saying he intends to take the oil.

    Do you think that those two points enhance the working relationship between the soldiers fighting side-by-side in Iraq, Syria, & Lebanon when we tell them you’re kind are not welcome and were coming to steal your oil? Again, just do a search and you’ll find many foreign policy and military experts saying Donald Trump is making our soldiers less safe with his reckless, moronic rhetoric and executive orders.

    We do not discriminate Based on religion. This country does not establish a religion and it never has, and ALL religions are entitled to the free exercise of that religion, including Muslims.

    This poorly drafted executive order looks like it was put together by a first-year law student which makes it more likely to be thrown out by the Federal Court. If the Supreme Court takes the case on an expedited basis and there is a 4-4 tie, the lower court holding is affirmed and this Muslim ban will be gone…until Trump drafts another one with better lawyers. And all one needs to do is look at the mass of protests that we haven’t seen since 1968 simply because of the radical departure and flying by the seat of his pants that the new president is doing. This doesn’t even approach the ongoing investigation into possible collusion and/or pay to play between Trump & Russia that five lawn Forssman agency’s are currently investigating and have since last April. We know Russia did that hiking, fed the information to wiki leaks, and did so with the intention of elevating Trump to the White House – and were successful. I certainly hope that is not the case because it will make Watergate look like child’s play.

    Notice we haven’t had a single Syrian refugee attack anyone in the United States – ever!
    Also don’t you find it interesting That the four countries involved in the 9/11: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, and Lebanon. The order purports to protect us from an attack by “foreign nationals” and they reference the 9/11 attacks yet don’t ban nationals from the countries that conducted those attacks?? We know Trump has several businesses in Saudi Arabia so that explains a lot.

    Apologies for going on so long & I will spare you from going further. Thanks for an excellent post that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

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  7. Thanks Thinkfarris. I want to share a Will Rogers quote “People only learn two ways — one is reading and the other is association with smarter people.” One thing I’ve noticed in my life is — people do one but not the other. Trump might be the type who mainly relies on “smarter” people instead of reading. In a way, that was a big factor in his show “The Apprentice” … Thank you again. You educated me. However I will share an anecdote from a friend’s friend who dislikes living in her own country (Italy) in 2017 because it’s (in her words) “overrun”.


  8. You talk about how this doesn’t represent American Values, but the days of lawlessness are over. Many jihadi radicals aren’t even islamic. these Murderers and Sex offenders came from all over the world so they could live in a place where their sick demented actions are welcome. So Islamic? no, many of them aren’t even islamic. President Trump is doing exactly what we voted him to do — “Enforce the Law” and it’s being done. He’s not creating any new regulations, just enforcing existing ones. America is about keeping us safe first. We’re not a haven for illegals and refugees. Never were until Obama opened the floodgates. He’s doing the right thing keeping the bad guys out. Why are so many liberals so offended about keeping this country safe? Do you support radical islam coming to america?


  9. Thanks for being a beacon of light under this barrel of lies our new administration has created. His Hideousness is a certified loon and must be removed, or at least stopped from causing all this harm. His cabinet picks. His choice of SCJ. Having a KKK member in his staff. What does it take to get through to people that this man is a menace?

    Keep up the good fight.

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  10. You’re wrong. The fact that it makes an exception for “minority religions” in seven countries that are overwhelmingly Muslim, makes it a religious discriminatory ban. That’s one of the reasons the courts will ultimately strike it down. Of course all Trump has to do is have a lawyer who knows what the hell he’s doing draft it and he should be fine.
    All of the admissions that it is a Muslim ban. Especially by Rudy Giuliani who admitted they changed it from a religious test to a “danger test but then carved out a religious exception. I’m not in an echo chamber. I have a legal education of practice law for 20 years so I have an idea of what I’m talking about.


    1. The Courts will allow the green card holders entry. And anyone that has passed the security screen will also be able to enter.
      Obama and other Presidents have already initiated similar bans successfully.
      If you were that up on it – you’d know that!
      I wouldn’t be bragging about practicing law for 20 years – lol


      1. Thanks for the proofreading. It’s hard to dictate into your phone & proofread while driving. I do appreciate the vote of confidence though unnecessary. Consistently obtaining excellent results for my clients is more than sufficient. That is the most important thing. And I suspect you would fall in the group of potential clients I send away. The opinion of sheeple brainwashed by Fox News, the only “news” organization that went to court and won the right to lie to their viewers… Lucky you. Unfortunately, most of Americans lack the intellectual sophistication to realize they’re being lied to & brainwashed. Enjoy the formally hardline GOP that suddenly has the same bromance with Vladimir Putin… a Russian demagogue who successfully planted his puppet in the White House. Wait till he lifts the sanctions & Secretary of State’s deal with Russia’s largest oil company can proceed. The contract was signed before the recent sanctions targeting the owner of that Oil company so the deal was halted. Rex Tillerson has voiced his displeasure with the sanctions against Russia (he doesn’t want to make his friend Putin mad after Putin pinned the Russian Medal of Friendship on his chest personally).
        Finally, Exxon Mobil can proceed with drilling in the Arctic Circle. That will be followed shortly by recognizing Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula against international law. That recognition would put us with the distinguished countries of Zimbabwe and Cuba as the only other countries to recognize Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea.

        It’s no wonder Trump kisses Putin’s ass every chance he gets. When you go bankrupt so many times that American banks won’t touch you, the Bank of China has had enough with your $617 million balance but you always have Russian oligarchs.
        This is President Trump’s way of paying off his debt & using the presidency to do it. It’s OK that you like Russia more than you like America… That’s fine. Just puts you in line with your party that suddenly is in love with Russia. Ronald Reagan is rolling in his grave. That said, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. When we know Russia hacked to sway the election, you have to make a choice you’re either with Russia & Donald Trump or you’re with the United States. Who doesn’t like it’s enemy interfering with the cornerstone of our democracy – our free & fair elections?
        Have a great day, Comrade.
        Hail Trump and let’s #MRGA


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