In the Era of Disinformation, Self-Education and Critical Thinking Are More Important than Ever

Many people think that study at university makes them critical thinkers and smarter. In many ways, studying at a university is a positive experience. However, we cannot ignore the fact that the educational system is designed by the government. The same government that undermines citizens’ lives by fabricating fake news to influence them. A real critical thinker would soon conclude that there are some hidden interests behind it.

The implementation of controversial educational systems has as the final goal to prevent students from being critical thinkers.They know that critical thinkers have the ability to find the flaws of the system, and later change it for the better.

In such a context, people are living in a virtual world since they cannot differentiate between what is real and what is not. You can know whether you are a critical thinker or not by responding to the next questions. Do you easily believe what other people say to you? Do you immediately believe what you read in the press? Do you usually analyse and judge the validity of the information? (These are important questions that you should think about)

In the case that you responded to the first two questions positively and negatively to the last, you are not a critical thinker. However, you can still change, and take back control of your life. For that to happen, you need to learn how to scrutinise information on a regular basis. At first, it will require some practice, though it will not take you a long time. Whenever someone explains something to you, or you read news, try to investigate such information from different sources before you make your conclusion. In doing so, you will take back the control of your life.


Never underestimate people without university studies because some of them may impress you. Before judging others, make sure that you meet them regardless of what others (including friends) said to you.

I have been to several countries in America, Africa, Europe and Asia. From my own experience, homeless, beggars and ex-drug addicts may impress you as they did with me. Unfortunately, the system taught us to think that these people are criminals, though they are not. The accumulation of hardship in a short time obliges smart and nice people to become beggars and homeless.

Today, you may have a great life, but who knows what will happen to you tomorrow. Your life may change overnight and you too could become homeless. In such a context, how would you like others to treat you? Think about it and start treating homeless and beggars with the same respect that you would expect from others in the same situation.

P.S. Remember that to become a critical thinker you need to not only read a lot but to read a variety of sources too. Reading helps you to see life from a different perspective, so read as much as you can and encourage others to do the same. In doing so, you will be contributing to changing the world for the better.

9 thoughts on “In the Era of Disinformation, Self-Education and Critical Thinking Are More Important than Ever

  1. I did a series on this, regarding news bias (I don’t recall if I posted it here or not…). For your readers, here’s some tips:

    There are at least 3 other articles in the queue for the subject of news bias, you can find it in the search menu.

    I’m having deja vu… it seems we have discussed this before… but, well, i’m here, you’re here…

    I disagree with the broad assumptions you present of “many people” and grouping all universities as one, as well as the clumping of “government” into one, cohesive, entity. All gov’ts are not equal. And neither are universities.

    Liberal Studies was removed from curriculum in the US starting in the late 1800’s, practically at the creation of ‘public funded schools’. It was fueled by anti-Catholic sentiments as much as by snobbery from the upper class that assumed that the children of factory workers and farmers could never comprehend such high ideals. However… schools continued to teach things like Latin (which by default teaches logic) up until the late 1930’s. (I have an old Latin school textbook from 1933.) Some schools have revived the practice. There are 2 “Latin Schools” for elementary and middle-school age children nearby.

    Liberal Arts Universities have remained as private, and some public institutions. HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) tend towards the Liberal Arts approach, as it introduces and teaches the western civilization culture sources that many poor black children, in depressed rural areas are never exposed to… the idea being, you will always be a victim if you don’t understand what and why the system is ‘really’ there… and how it works.

    There is so much more to the history there… for a more modern review, try the book, “The Physicist and the Philosopher”… it explains how liberal teachings left the sciences as well.

    Overall, I agree… people need to educate themselves, and take it upon themselves to make sure that their children get access to a liberal arts education as well… the fact is, that every single one of the people that conservatives look up to as role models, and cite OFTEN, were proud PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS during their lifetime.

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  2. If you haven’t already done so you should get a copy of “How to Lie with Statistics” by Darrell Huff. It’s quite an old book, originally published in the 1950s but the overall principles it teaches are still important today. Know what things mean so you can accurately interpret how they effect the outcome.

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  3. I’ve found that I’ve learned the most from the books I read. Also, if you are wondering whether or not you’ve been told the truth about something, check different sources. Look things up on respected sites, read peer-reviewed articles. Just check it out.

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  4. Reblogged this on A Celebration of Reading and commented:
    In today’s world of rapid and unverified news coverage—news selected and presented for commercial value—, it is too easy to metastasize disinformation, thus providing a seemingly truthful basis for the untruth. Add to that the now hackneyed mantra of a liberal media bias and the truth is more often viewed as an outlier, a spoiler, bellyaching, or just not truthful. It’s democracy: the Truth with the most and loudest proponents must be the Real Truth.

    Critical Thinking differs from personal opinion, which is so often simply mimicking someone else’s opinion: Critical Thinking is hard and demanding, but without it the Yahoos win.

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