Since I  posted my last piece, this intolerant guy, teenager, group or….. and many other people have written to me “nasty things,” including some threats via email. I do not know whether the group behind it is the same or not. I will do some research and soon update it! “Some help would be great”

P.S. The intolerance shown by Amend Article 2 delegitimize his campaign!



Total recount:

417 threats via email.

83 killing messages.

I have already reported it to the authorities. Since I am tolerant and I understand you could have written these threats without thinking a lot, I am going to give you the opportunity to contact me again, within the next two weeks to show me your regrets. In doing so, I will remove you from the already reported list to the authorities.

Remember that killing messages is not the way to express your opinions.
I encourage you all to continue being a very critic with my writings. I think that critics are positive, but never killing threats.

P.S. I have just reported the killing messages.

2 thoughts on “Announcement!

  1. Saw that one as well… very succinct statement there. Well thought out. I’ve suffered that thought more times than I care to admit (not here). I just try not to say it. lol.

    Who knows… I mean, when you write about controversial topics, in the tone that you do… you have to expect some push back.

    Word of advice: Don’t engage.

    Ignore it. Report it. Delete it.

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