Surveillance:The Moral Obligation To Stand Up

Disgracefully, our governments conducting surveillance on us, with the intent of monitoring our movements in real time. In doing so, they deliberately violate our right to privacy. Nevertheless, it is inadvertently passing by many people, who cannot accept it becauseapparently, governments do not monitor civilians.

Snowden’s revelations helped us to better understand that the NSA was amassing data from millions of users from across the world. After that, millions of people woke up and stood up to take their rights back again. However, there are still millions of people who foolishly believe in our rotten system. Sadly, they will never change it regardless of governmental behaviour since their exposure to manipulation has been for such a long time.

People must choose between standing up or losing their lives. Over the last few years, software engineers, concerned about our privacy, have designed/developed new software which enables us to circumvent the existing governmental surveillance.

Nowadays, there is a large amount of software operating and preserving our privacy from our governments like “TAILS” or “QUBES”. If you believe in your privacy, it is the time to take action to protect your communications because it is your right. In doing so, you will take back some control over your life and you will also be able to help others. Governments will suggest that it is only used by terrorists. Nevertheless, most of the users are journalists, activists and privacy advocates. If you care about your privacy then, you should stand up for your friends, family and future children.

Remember,  the more that people use this software, the stronger it will be. Therefore, it will be more challenging for our governments to monitor us in real time. I am not suggesting that you commit any crime or go against anyone since this software is mostly legal in all countries, with a few exceptions. We are not terrorists or criminals! We are just citizens of the world, who want to protect our rights.

3 thoughts on “Surveillance:The Moral Obligation To Stand Up

  1. Okay. So… “Disgracefully, our governments conducting surveillance on us…” So, what about politicians? Aren’t they allowed the same rights to privacy as other citizens? If a hacker steals emails, is that somehow okay? But if the gov’t knowingly collects data and stores it… not okay?

    I’m kidding. Really. Just had to make that correlation for posterity.

    I totally agree with you on this one… amassing data, not good. loss of Miranda rights, not good. habeas corpus – still inactive (for the longest period in US history), not good. people shipped off after 9/11 and beyond… without rights to lawyers, family members’ access (or knowledge), not good.

    Btw… internet was commissioned by the US gov’t to be created to transfer data between military duty stations (I think it was early to mid 1980’s, but my memory fails me there…). Made public circa 1994. Wonder why? I always do… 😉

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