Unfounded Accusations Against Wikileaks

In recent times, numerous “leftist” journalists and the U.S. Democratic Party have accused Wikileaks and the Russian government of colluding to help Trump. It is the first time that leftist organisations have virulently accused Wikileaks. For that reason, it is important to analyse what has happened.

Initially, Wikileaks formally announced that it owned thousands of John Podesta’s (Hillary Clinton presidential campaign) emails, including Clinton’s crimes. Wikileaks immediately announced the publication of all emails before the U.S. elections. As a result, Clinton accused Wikileaks of colluding against her. She also asserted that the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) had suggested that Russian hackers had hacked Podesta’s email with the intent of interfering in the U.S. presidential elections.

United States’ biased media took Clinton’s words as truth and began a campaign to undermine Wikileaks’ reputation. Unbelievably, there are not many journalists who have examined if the accusations are real or fabricated.

To better understand what has occurred, let’s analyse the facts.

1.Clinton’s accusations.

-Clinton fabricated conspiracy accusations against Wikileaks to hold her reputation. The FBI announced that Wikileaks did not have any connection with the Russian government. However, the FBI declared that the Russian government could hack U.S. computer systems. Nevertheless, it is not something new since both countries have done it many times to each other. In conclusion, Clinton’s accusations are unfounded.

2.Media accusations.

-Media has mostly been endorsed by Hillary Clinton and her team, which means that they are biased. For that to happen, John Podesta personally met several journalists to plan the coverture of the U.S. elections. It is disappointing for their public because journalists should fact check/verify information before any publication. It is clear that all media accusations have been unfounded.

3- Powerful people.

-Powerful people have helped Clinton to fabricate conspiracy theories to annihilate Wikileaks members.

Why I think that Wikileaks is an unbiased journalistic organisation:

Wikileaks has published millions of documents related to several governments across the world. For those, who have suggested that Wikileaks has only published documents related to the U.S. I will write more related to it later.

Here is the Timeline of all Wikileaks publications since its origins:



-Was Wikileaks partisan during the last U.S. elections?

Over the last year, several organisations and journalists have accused Wikileaks of being partisan after it released emails linked to Clinton’s “atrocities.” It is irrefutable that Wikileaks published more documents associated with Clinton than with Trump. Nevertheless, it does not mean that Wikileaks is a partisan organisation. Instead, Wikileaks is an honest journalistic platform, which possesses a 100% accuracy record in its publications since its creation.

“WikiLeaks publishes suppressed documents of diplomatic, ethical, historical or moral significance that reveal illegal or immoral behaviour. No government or private enterprise is immune. WikiLeaks is entirely funded by its readers – not by public funds, like the BBC, and not by private foundations, like the vast majority of non-governmental organisations. WikiLeaks is not “anti-western” or “anti-US It releases public interest material on governments and corporations – no matter who they are”.

-Why did Wikileaks publish emails linked to Clinton but not Trump ? Did Wikileaks unbiasedly publish the emails during the campaign? Why did Wikileaks not publish anything associated with Trumps’ “taxes?”

I am exhausted from listening to people affirming that Wikileaks is a dishonoured organisation, which deliberately published documents linked to Clinton to ruin her life. Strangely, some journalists recommended Wikileaks not to publish any document during the campaign as it might help Trump. Disregarding this advice, Wikileaks published all documents as it was considered to be in the public’s interest. Wikileaks had the duty to inform the public regarding misconduct behaviour from a presidential candidate before the elections in order to allow people to be well- informed. Honest journalism is about seeking truth regardless of the author.

-Why did Wikileaks not publish anything related to Trump’s “taxes”?

Unbelievably, numerous individuals suggested that Wikileaks expose documents associated with Trump’s misbehaviour. But how? Wikileaks did not have any documents related to him, but if Wikileaks possessed such documents, they would have been published.

WikiLeaks provides a safe means for whistleblowers to make disclosures to the public on wrongdoing committed by any government or private enterprise. For that reason, it is imperative to help whistleblowers.

In conclusion, journalistic platforms are obliged to remain loyal to the public and publish documents associated with any governmental crime.

All accusations against Wikileaks are partisan and malicious. Wikileaks has never collaborated with the Russian government. In fact, it has released over 650,000 critical documents relating to Russia under Vladimir Putin. In my opinion, people who think that Wikileaks is a partisan organization are partisan, and malicious or ignorant. 


8 thoughts on “Unfounded Accusations Against Wikileaks

  1. I would be surprised if Russia had not tried to stir things up in some way, given that the Great Game is back on, and media manipulation in Europe has been quite overt. Why would it be different in the USA, Wikileaks aside? Because the USA is off limits? Now, I’d doubt if this manipulation was in favour of one or the other of the candidates. That would be a bad strategy. Better to stir up the pot, sit back, and take advantage of what happens.

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  2. Well. Um, I have to admit that I think Wikileaks had an agenda. I’ll also admit that I think Trump is a disaster and has serious ethical, legal, and national security issues to hide. I don’t understand for one minute when he got a free pass. I see a value in Wikileaks, but we are all going to suffer for the one-sided disclosures. Just my take on it.

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    1. It’s sometimes hard to accept those “atrocities” perpetrated by those whom we have been supporting for years. But don’t you think that the public deserves to know the truth?

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  3. Hmm… I have literally waited days to respond to this. And I only have 6 minutes to respond. So disregard any particular grammatical errors…

    I appreciate your passion in defending WikiLeaks. And, a year ago… I might even have agreed with you. But you make an interesting point when you ask “How” WikiLeaks could get access to Trumps tax information. Yes… how indeed. How did they get the information in the first place? From what vendors? Who provided it… and more importantly, WHY. (sorry, can’t italicize here, so you get all-CAPS… lol).

    Look, I’m not saying that WikiLeaks was the cause of the Trump Presidency (I’m trying REALLY hard to get over the oxymoron in that noun phrase…lol)… I agree that they probably were just pawns in the game. This means, to me at least, that they have an extra incentive to prove to us that they are unbiased. Because, I guarantee that Trump is no angel. And that there were deals in place prior that will color his choices from here on out. And there are probably emails to that effect. It’s just that finance isn’t as ‘sexy’ as whatever the heck was in Clinton’s box. But what the heck do I know?

    For now… please see my newest post: https://canaryinthecoalminebook.wordpress.com/2016/11/29/debate-tuesday-news-bias-part-2/

    Cheers. Looking forward to catching up with your other blogs! 🙂

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