Wikileaks: The Last Spark Of True Journalism

The recent election of Donald Trump promises to be a torment for those who support democracy and freedom of the press across the world. Everything indicates that the upcoming government will target the media, with the intent of censoring all sorts of news related to governmental decisions. For that to happen, Trump is plotting with his cabinet the implementation of some controversial measures which aims at scanning all articles before official publication. Disgracefully, it will be adopted by many other governments from around the world, leaving millions of people misinformed. In doing so, journalists will have to choose between being loyal to their public and risking their lives or being puppets of the new government.

Fortunately, there are many honest journalists, who are willing to risk their lives in order to maintain their remain loyalty to their public. To that end, they will have to build a strong network with other brave journalists in order to circumvent the existing censorship, with the intent of informing people about anything related to governmental decisions “in real time”. Sadly, the lack of resources will negatively impact their capacity to do true journalism. Presumably, the government will implement financial measures to punish those journalists who break the new law. In doing so, they will have to seek alternative sources to finance their journalistic projects.

Analyzing the current situation, Wikileaks is the only journalistic organization in the world with the capacity to circumvent governmental censorships. Wikileaks has demonstrated its reliability for a decade and has never been compromised by any governmental body at any point since its launch. They have been able to resist daily threats from a wide spectrum of powerful organizations and governments. Wikileaks is the only organization, which has been able to be unbiased. For that reason, it is important to ensure the full operability of Wikileaks in order to keep ourselves informed about the several governmental atrocities”.

We know that Wikileaks is very important in our lives, so now, it is time to take action, and work all together to protect it from governmental attacks. There are many ways to help. You could become a volunteer or you could make a financial donation. In doing so, you will be able to keep it running. Thus you must make a decision! Do you want to become a governmental puppet or take actions to prevent censorship?

What is your decision?

My decision is clear. I will always support organizations like Wikileaks because without it I would become and as times fades, my persona would gradually turn into a “vegetative” state.

P.S. If you are an American, you may think that Wikileaks helped Donald Trump to become the next U.S. president. I personally think that Wikileaks did not help Trump, instead, it helped people to be aware about the dark side of politics. I will cover that in my next piece. I will write about facts which dismantles all conspiracy theories surrounding Wikileaks.

Be patient and wait for my upcoming entry….

18 thoughts on “Wikileaks: The Last Spark Of True Journalism

  1. i stand with the freedom of expression………however, the media, with all its mighty power, has been at multiple accounts found to manipulative…….integrity and responsibility is a must……for unconditional support 🙂 🙂

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  2. You may want to consider that it was Trump’s opponent and her media allies who most virulently attacked Wikileaks and in fact, imposed de facto censorship on us depriving us of legitimate candidates of diverse perspectives from Jill Stein to Gary Johnson.

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  3. Now more than ever we need things like Tor and VPNs. The media tried to make the “deep net” into this sinister thing used by pedophiles and druggies when in reality it’s one of the last, best hopes for privacy and the discrete sharing of information. It would be like saying, “These people use LOCKS and SHADES. What are they trying to hide?!”

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    1. I agree. If we want to protect our privacy, we need to encrypt our messages and use “alternative” software like the one you mentioned.


  4. WikiLeaks certainly didn’t find Trump’s tax returns from the past few years, or release information about his business practices… etc.

    I’m sorry, but I see them as helping Trump… whether on purpose or by accident.

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  5. As a journalist myself, I think this is outrageous. However, the information we give to the people must be weighted carefully. Opinions are formed in an instant and the way we send the message is very important. Headlines are usually misguiding, because otherwise no one will buy the paper. We got used with presenting the facts in a way to attract more readers or viewers. And people are attracted to drama, scandals and hidden truths. Wikileaks is a great source for raw info, but not everyone has access to it or not everyone can be bother to look for information. The mass population believe what they see on TV or read in newspapers, which are more often controlled by the government. Same is everywhere in the world. What we truly need is a change in the way people are educated about giving and receiving information. And that is a really long process.

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    1. “What we truly need is a change in the way people are educated about giving and receiving information” I agree. However, some politicians prefer people to be uneducated because it’s easier for them to manage them. They fear that critical thinkers could change the system.

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  6. Any American who thinks that Wikileaks helped Donald Trump to become the next U.S. president – must be so obsessed with their own self-indulgent lifestyle in their own selfish corner of their grasping exploitative country they have no understanding of what’s going on in the USA, never mind the rest of the world where 96% of the world’s population lives.

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