Trump’s Victory: The Global Rise Of Fascism

The phenomenon of Donald Trump is boosting all right-wing European organizations, which [are] now growing to levels not seen since the Second World War. As a result, Marie Le Pen, the president of the Front National(FN), could become the next French president in 2017.If it ever happens it would be the first time that a fascist candidate has won a presidential election in Europe since Adolf Hitler.

Germany will also hold presidential elections in 2017 where the anti-immigration right-wing populist party AFD (Alternative Für Deutschland), was able to achieve representation in the most important German states (including Berlin) in the most recent German states elections, held early this year. Everything indicates that in the next presidential elections the AFD will dispute victory with Merkel’s party, the CDU (Christian Democratic Union of Germany).

There are many parallels between the last U.S. presidential elections and the German presidential elections of 2017. The German media is doing the same as the American [media], and they are not informing the public about the real chances of victory that the AFD has. In doing so, it may trigger a low turn-out of left-wing supporters on the day of the presidential elections, giving the AFD the opportunity to win. The anti-immigration supporters will be more mobilized than ever and will go to vote in mass.

In the event that the AFD and the FN win the presidential elections in Germany and France, the degradation/decline of democracy will be inevitable. These two victories may create a domino effect that will affect many other countries, spreading fascism around the world, where dictatorships will become predominant.

One of the very few remaining avenues for learning why fascism is rising across the world- beyond Trump’s victory- is to study European history, as the similarities are evident.

The left-wing has traditionally been divided at crucial times in history, focusing on internal fights, while fascists organizations have had the transformative capacity to convince millions of people to support their positions. For that to happen, they take left-wing slogans as own, with the intent of attracting left-wing voters.

Trump’s victory may trigger all these problems around the world and people are not aware of it. It would be interesting to demand European media to say the truth about what is happening and about the real chances that these anti-immigration political parties have of winning the presidential elections in France and Germany, [so as] to ensure that people are well-informed. In doing so, many of them will acknowledge the importance of voting for an alternative candidate in order to defeat fascist organizations that could bring chaos upon our countries.

Unfortunately, everything indicates that the media is not going to change its way of informing people, so prepare yourself for some upcoming difficult years, and if you can, try to organize yourself to resist attacks that come from these new regimes.

I hope I am wrong…

33 thoughts on “Trump’s Victory: The Global Rise Of Fascism

    1. It is very worrying. However, I do not think that Trump will be able to change the world order. He needs Marie Le Pen to win the French presidential elections 2017 before he can deploy his world plan.

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  1. I hope we’re both wrong… I am starting a new Debate Tuesday… this week it is a flowchart to see if your news (or yourself) are biased. Let me know if you like it… if it makes sense. (the page is linked to my gravatar image)

    We need to remember that the media is OUR media. It is a part of the democratic process… and it is only supposed to INFORM us… it is not supposed to give ‘perspective’, ‘opinions’, etc… Just the facts, confirmed with credible, multiple sources, and delivered in an ethical, polite, dignified manner.

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    1. Here in the US, I think Trump did a pretty damn good job of that without the help of the media. Although, I find it interesting that the stories that were all over the place prior to his election, are suddenly muted and/or gone now. Hmmm…. As you can tell, I love a good conspiracy theory, but some days, I think if I hear the whole ‘media misinformation’ one more time I will scream and run from the room.

      So, here are some questions for you to answer (for yourself)… if you believe the biased media conspiracy theory.

      How long have I believed the media is biased?
      When was the first time I noticed bias? How was it biased?
      What was it in comparison to? (another news story, on another network? something else?)

      Humans are prone to bias, it’s inherent… otherwise we would all be going around asking each other what we should do next. Journalists are trained to minimize bias in reporting. If they aren’t using those skills, then, yes, there is a conspiracy. But it’s more to do with advertisers and money than shadow governments. And guess who controls that?

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      1. I believe it gets worse with media when it forget about its Professional Ethics and conflict of interest arises. I used to believe that when the government finds itself in trouble, the government pays lawyer and the jury but these days they have to throw some bundles on the face of media as well.

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  2. I agree wholeheartedly with this article and do believe the media was biased – at least – the media I was reading and watching. If America is considered a leader in the world, then it makes sense to me that when a megalomaniac fascist becomes President – it paves the way for other nations to believe it’s okay to have that kind of a leader. I’m a Freelance author and I watched MSNBC all day while writing.

    Occasionally I switched to other networks like CNN, etc – and they all did the same thing: normalizing Trump’s disgusting and dangerous behavior while demonizing Clinton over her bloody emails. Now – I understand that there was a concern over her use of a private server in terms of the possibility of confidential info being leaked into the wrong hands – but the irony wasn’t lost on me when her emails and others were leaked by so-called heroes – essentially doing the very thing they advised was an issue.

    I’d like to know more about the claim that the Clinton Foundation received money from foreign dictators, which was used to help people in need around the world – but might’ve been considered blood money or pay for play (which – incidentally – has been done in governments and by ex-government officials around the world for a long time.)

    Still – I find it amazing that the media didn’t want to talk about the illegal immigrants Trump hired – then fired without paying; the young models brought over and forced to live in substandard conditions while being charged large amounts for rent; his charity being used to pay Trump’s legal fees, for personal purchases of art etc; his continuous lying and twisting of the truth; his followers spitting on the so-called liberal journalists and reporters – on top of threatening behavior and racist slurs.

    I could go on – as Trump proved every time he opened his mouth that he was just a puppet for the alt-right. I find it curious that we never saw Steve Bannon coming out to talk – like the wizard behind the curtain. Instead, we had to endure the smug and smarmy surrogates lying through their teeth and frothing at the mouth over Hilary being crooked.

    The media skimmed over Trump’s crap and focused a turbo magnifying glass on Clinton’s issues. What gets me so mad is that the supporters who voted for Trump truly believe that he has their best interests at heart. We’ll see what happens to the minimum wage, welfare programs, low cost housing for the poor and other services and issues that could be the very thing his supporters rely on – such as creating jobs for the disenfranchised steel workers and coal miners – to name a few.

    Trump is very good at promising the world then ripping the carpet out from under unsuspecting victims when their back is turned. I fear that the anger over immigration and paranoia over terrorism flicked the switch for his followers – without a thought for how their children will be affected under a dictator like Trump. They only looked at his business “successes” – without researching and looking deeper into his debts to foreign powers, the number of times he went bankrupt and the fact that he hid his taxes from the public.

    To be clear – I have a conservative streak running through me – in terms of fiscal responsibility, welfare cheats, etc – but I am liberal when it comes to freedoms and rights for all people. I understand the distrust and loathing for the “Washington elite” – but I don’t think that we need to devolve into a clash between the classes.

    I believed Clinton when she talked about being stronger together – but understood that it was a slogan that needed to be put to the test. When Trump blathered about making America great again – I wondered what he meant by that – as I never saw him being pressed to explain. Did it involve allowing companies to continue pumping waste and poisons into the water table – in the name of capitalism? Was it a right-wing call to arms – like a racial cleansing – making America white gain?

    It’s easy to speculate – but my hunches told me that he only threw his hat in the ring to make money for himself. It was about ego and being in debt – hundreds of millions of dollars in debt.

    We can only wait and see.

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  3. Excellent commentary here. I find it scary times in which to live. So many people went online to search for homes in Canada, that their site went down. The Electoral College needs to go. It is not an accurate representation of people’s wishes.

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    1. at least 3 electoral voters vowed NOT to vote for Trump… but I agree… it may have to be reconsidered, or at least re-distributed as populations have changed dramatically since inception. It was initially meant to give the predominate population of rural farmers more a say in gov’t, when we had more farmers… but since we have less farmers? new system needed…. yep.

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      1. Maybe the error is the belief that the people elect a president, when the electoral college appears to be set up for the states to elect a president. The people elect a state vote. That sure looks like how it works. That seems eminently fixable.

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    1. It’s terrifying.I am from Europe, and we are also terrified with Trump’s victory because we think it could boost “Alt-Right” European political parties to win presidential elections in 2017. If it ever happens it would be the first time that fascists have won presidential elections in Europe since Hitler. For that reason, we are all morally obligated to organize and take actions to monitor our governments to make sure that they do not violate any law.


  4. There is the interesting twist that both the right and the left are conservative political movements today, which confuses voters. Not only should the media start speaking truthfully, but a new set of terms would be helpful as well.


    1. I agree. Sadly, the U.S. Democratic Party has traditionally implemented European “Right-Wing” parties policies, which is terrible. So from our perspective, it is a very conservative party.


  5. The media was mainly biased toward Trump. Yes, we had a few things that Hillary did bad. However, on the mainstream media, on a daily basis, we heard negativity of Trump. I wasn’t a supporter of either or candidate as I found them both unfit for presidency. However, I believe Democrats generalized all Hispanics as the same, those weak and poor ppl in need of help and there was this rhetoric as if all or most Hispanics are illegal immigrants . Hispanics are very diverse politically, socially, religiously, and economically. Obviously, not all them are here illegally. And some don’t even disagree with the wall. They don’t see it as racist but simply as a border line and protection. So, I personally feel, that underestimating Trump, and generalizing minorities who went to vote for him were the demise of the Democrats. There were those hidden voices, and not even the media took detailed research to really discover why people liked Trump. They just with the, oh, they’re all white supremacists undertones. Very unprofessional. As I mentioned, I didn’t think Trump would win. But now that he did, I am taking the time to ask my friends & family members who liked or voted for him to explain to me why. Also, I hope for all of us that he does a good job.

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  6. I believe that Trump won because he is a consummate liar and an incredibly good con-man. He took our strength (diversity), flipped it on its head, and showed us its weakness (bigotry and the fear of the ‘other’). Then he stepped back and watched the explosion. Yes, people wanted change, and he certainly gave it to them. He’s won, and we are still arguing, while he packs his newly elected position with appointments that are meant to lead us away from that strength that built this country in the first place. And, what’s worse, we gave him that ability. He played us. But anger will only beget more anger. We need to breathe deeply, stay calm and clear-headed, and with faculties intact, fight back.


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  7. I can’t say I’m an expert on US politics. I’m not clear on whether Trump is to the right or the left of Mrs Clinton. Sad to say, the political “Left” has been virtually wiped out in most First World Western countries. Does anyone seriously believe the US Democrats are a leftist party, in any meaningful sense of the term? And the “Labour” parties in the UK and NZ?


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