What Is Next?

Days after the U.S. presidential elections, millions of incredulous people are trying to assimilate Trump’s victory. No one can understand why millions of Democrats, Latinos, and blacks voted for a racist candidate.

This phenomenon must be analyzed further by experts to ensure that it will never happen again. Our society cannot accept having a racist guy as president because it re-opens old wounds that appeared to be healed a long time ago. Now is time for the Republican political party to call Mr. Trump to abandon his racist rhetoric that has already caused a lot of damage in the U.S.

The Democratic party in its lowest hours is mostly to blame for Trump’s victory. However, they are blaming third political parties, distorting reality. Democratic leaders should assume responsibility since the party is facing marginalization or even disappearance if they are not able to regenerate the internal structure to attract old voters,and young people again.

The main reason why millions of Democrats voted for Trump is because they were not willing to vote for Clinton, who represented the establishment and corruption installed in the government for over 30 years. In doing so, Democrats did not feel connected to those values that the party represented years ago.

On the other side of the coin, the Republican political party is going through sweet times, and they will keep “the House”(congress) and Senate. In such a context, Trump may have an easy first-term presidency, where he will be able to gain approval of most of his policies without any real opposition. As a result, many racial conflicts will arise around the country.

Many experts suggest that the Republican party through the Congress and Senate could represent the counterweight in Trump’s presidency to ensure that he does not implement controversial policies that may affect millions of immigrants across the country. For that reason, they allege that the Republican party has many internal conflicts since a large number of members are positioned against Donald Trump. However, the most reactionary right-wing has always had the stunning capacity to heal their wounds pretty fast and unite in the direction of working together to keep their privileges and defeat their common enemies, so everything indicates that this time will no be different.

After this political earthquake that has convulsed the world, it is time to regenerate all institutions and be reflective. For that to happen, civil organizations will have to monitor all governmental movements to ensure that the law is respected in all instances while the left-wing recomposes its structure to levels never seen before because people demand regeneration.

U.S. society should be very reactive to any racist behavior, otherwise, millions of people may suffer from the intolerance shown by small groups. No one knows exactly what will happen but it is better to be prepared for the worst case scenario. We will still have to wait for two more months to see if Trump finally moderates his rhetoric and behavior. Until then organizing to prevent future events is vital.

6 thoughts on “What Is Next?

  1. great post………..obviously everyone has to wait and watch but…………everyone who wants change, have wanted change will have to leave their “let it be” attitude and come out of their state of inaction…….interact….convince….understand and then move forward together as a nation….. 🙂 🙂

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  2. True. But I think, due to all the protests and activism against his Presidency, Trump has now started to change his views on some of his policies. Of course if he does decide to move forward with his new more “liberal” and moral platform, all should be well in terms of rights and general safety. Seeing as he has good relations with countries such as Russia, whom Hillary was in no position to negotiate with. In turn, decreasing chances of war. And we all know the allies Russia has, as well as its atomic power, which it introduced recently.

    However, I think the only real problem isn’t going to be Trump, but the voices he just pulled out of the woodwork. All the racist, fascist, bigots, are now feeling as though they have more power. I think the real problem at the end of the day, lies in the public not the President.

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    1. Hi. In response to your second paragraph, I agree this is coming from the public. All the hate crimes we are seeing now of course are because of extremists. However, Trump, all throughout his candidacy, spoke with such hate and anger. This gave the extremists the green light to do the same.

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  3. Best to start with getting the facts, not jumping to interpretations that feel good (or bad). Facts = Who exactly voted for Trump in the swing states? Who didn’t vote for Clinton? Who switched from Obama to Trump? It may well be that voter suppression reduced Clinton votes independently of what she supposedly stood for and the chance to fill the Supreme Court vacancy brought out white evangelicals to vote for Trump independently of any narrative of what he stands for.


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