Surveillance: The Destruction Of Our Lives

We are living in a terrifying context where governments are gradually abolishing our civil rights, with the intent to influence our behavior. For that reason, they are deploying an advanced surveillance system that can monitor everyone around the world in real time. They are doing it intelligently and silently in order not to provoke a civil reaction, which may affect its deployment.

If people are not able to work together to stop it, the destruction of our lives will be inevitable because after some time our power to make decisions will be eliminated.

We are all at risk of sliding into a “vegetative state” where we will accept everything told by our governments without question. I want to think that this point is still far away but if we do not act soon, we will reach a point of not return. It is a fact that there are already many people who do not look on the internet for a large variety of things because they are afraid of being targeted by police departments. It means that our actions are already being influenced by third parties.

Fortunately, there are thousands of software developers that are programs that ensures some sort level of privacy, whenever we use the internet, though not everyone knows about their existence.

In recent times, several governments have gone a step further in the direction of surveilling everyone, and now, they are deploying facial recognition technology around several cities to ensure that all people are monitored. According to the provider firms, these systems are able to create millions of people’s profiles. It should terrify us because a simple hacking of the system may drive distinct police departments to wrongly detain innocents.

The facial recognition system has already failed several times, the most recent case was reported by Steve Talley was arrested and accused of a bank robbery because the facial recognition system determined that he was the thief. However, the judge rejected Steve’s alibi, when he claimed he had been at work as a financial adviser for Transamerica Capital when the robbery took place. His life was ruined overnight.

I do not want to be an alarmist but if we do not take any action, what George Orwell wrote in 1984 will become a reality. In order to be free, we need to break down such surveillance, by every means possible including using software designed to grant us anonymity. People should react against all governments that are imposing surveillance on us. If you agree, look out for several interesting projects [that are about] – go and invest in them.

Do not be a spectator, but take action!

6 thoughts on “Surveillance: The Destruction Of Our Lives

  1. One of the things that bothers me is the number of people who seem to be unaware of the level of government surveillance that occurs. Even worse are those who know and think it is a good idea. Certainly if you are among the sheep who do not think for themselves then more than likely the government will not bother you until they round everyone up. But, if you are a free thinking individual then your rights are being eroded away and unless something is done to prevent it we’ll all be rounded up by a corrupt government. At one time we protected the brave people who were whistle-blowers, now whistle-blowers are prosecuted under the espionage act. WTH? We need to stop this insanity.

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  2. Interesting thoughts you have left there. I was not even aware of it. As conscientious citizens we should protest against the inhuman system. Democratic governments are becoming authoritarian and autocratic. Anand Bose from Kerala

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    1. Sadly, some governments have the capacity to monitor all of us in real time. In doing so, they violate our rights and privacy, which is unacceptable.


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