State Violence In Western Countries

Terrorism carried out or sponsored by a government, which involves deliberate attacks on civilians, for the purpose of attaining a political or religious goal”

Over the last decade, Western governments have greatly increased their attacks against their citizens, causing thousands of dead.

In 2008, coinciding with the world financial crisis, all Western governments set up packages of reform to restrict several human rights. These restrictions affected the right to protest, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech. Whoever tried to break these restrictions faced high penalties and prosecutions.

The government’s purpose was to spread fear in people, to ensure that no one would protest against them. In the US, Spain, Italy, and the UK, thousands of journalists and activists were preventatively detained for two years. As a result, many innocents lost two years of their lives in prison without any charge against them. Indeed, most of them were released because they weren’t found guilty by any court.

State violence has existed since the first government in the world was formed.

Analysis of state violence in several Western countries.

The USA:

North Dakota pipeline


Big corporations and the US government want to construct a pipeline to support the production, transportation, and utilization of North Dakota energy-related commodities. However, native Americans living in the area want to paralyze it, alleging that it will cause irreparable damage to the ecosystem, and that it may poison all the rivers in the area. According to experts from all across the country, the Natives Americans are right, and this construction will ruin the ecosystem, as well as many people’s lives, who will have to move somewhere else, where the water is drinkable.

All Native Americans around the country have united to try to halt this project by protesting in the construction area. Unfortunately, the government and big corporations involved in the project have sent the police to protect the construction site. In doing such, the police are using controversial methods to restrict the people’s right to protest, including [tear] gas, tasers and dogs.

The North Dakota police are also arresting thousand of peaceful activists, including journalists that are covering the protest. In many cases, the police are fabricating charges against many of them. However, there are many freelance journalists who that are recording what is happening in the area.

The North Dakota government has attempted to spread fear throughout US society in order to ensure that no one else joins these protests.

Once again, the government is using oppressive methods to keep their privileges.

So far, they are succeeding and the pipeline is being constructed.


State reform



Everyone thinks that France is a democratic country, however, a few months ago the government decided to reform the state, and remove several rights from French citizens.

Workers went peacefully on strike to protest against these reforms, but soon the police oppressed those who [that] were supporting the strike by using gas, beating them, and arresting thousands of workers around the country. The police also killed a journalist who was covering the protests.

French people responded with massive radical protests against the government.

(French people have traditionally been highly revolutionary against totalitarian governments throughout history.)

Finally, the French government has already approved these reforms, but the biggest trade unions in the country, supported by millions of citizens, are organizing new protests against the government to ensure that French people take back their rights. After these protests, the popularity of the French president is so low that he will not have any chance of being re-elected in [the next French presidential elections of] 2017. It is clear that the French government has acted anti-democratically by keeping their privileges in spite of the people’s interests. However, it seems that they will not be able to keep these reforms for a long time, since French people are very combative against unfair policies.

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