The Day After The US Presidential Elections

Everything seems to indicate that the day after the US presidential elections, the new president will have to deal with social conflicts across the country. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are using a dangerous rhetoric in their endeavor to attract new voters. As a result, American society has been radicalized, and now, millions of people are willing to take any action in order to ensure that their candidate will win the elections. Some people have even suggested that they will not accept the result if their candidate does not win the elections. If this is as widespread as it appears, some people might be tempted to organize anti-government militias, with the idea of taking the control of the country in order to restore democracy. The reasoning here is that, it has been asserted, the US presidential elections have been rigged.

Currently, American society has been divided into three groups:

1- Donald Trump supporters: They are fanatics willing to do whatever Donald says regardless of the consequences. The most recent revelations talk of collusion between Hillary and the government against Trump, and this is empowering the latter’s followers to organize militias in order to take the control of the country if he loses the election.

2- Hillary Clinton supporters: They are moderate, and they are supporting Hillary because they do not like Trump since they think he could be the “Hitler” of our times. However, they acknowledge that Hillary is a corrupt person, who is collaborating with [type] terrorism.

3- Anti-system supporters: This group is formed by the vast majority of Americans, including Hillary and Trump supporters. They have lost trust in both political parties since they have been colluding for many years in order to keep their privileges. As a result, they are willing to organize militias in order to fight against the US establishment because they do not have anything to lose in this war.

This is the current situation in the country, and unless the present tensions are reduced before the elections, the conflict may be long and hard to handle, and millions of people will die. It is time to ensure that democracy prevails above any other thing. Police departments should charge Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, media directors, and people from the US establishment because all of them are criminals.

7 thoughts on “The Day After The US Presidential Elections

  1. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that! I think there will likely be some rioting and dissatisfaction but it will stop short of any major insurrection.
    I believe Trump has played a nasty game stirring up hatred and fear. He has also undermined the system.
    I also believe that people are losing faith in the establishment who rig democracy so that whoever gets in they represent the rich an status quo.

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  2. Oh my, you forget that you are talking about Americans here. All it will take to divert this problem is an extra early pre-Christmas day SALE of extra large supper big high definition TV’s at WalMart and problem solved! And just to be sure Tubularsock suggests Apple release i-phone 300 on November 9th.
    Now THAT is the ace in the hole.

    It is really simple. After every circus just hand out free balloons. Works every time.

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  3. While I agree that there is little agreeable in American politics at the moment, I will disagree at evrry opportunity with the word “all.” Using it in the attempt to lump any group of people into a pigeonhole, even the political establishment, is rhetoric no better than the worst being purveyed. Sure it’s crooked. Washington is not that different than a casino or an insurance company. They’ll pay out, but they’re not in business of losing. Power, money, influence, none of it. All any of us can do is decide to make a difference where it matters. Right in front of us. Make a difference we can touch, we can see, and then let “all” of “they” see how much power they really don’t have.


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