Journalism Around The World

Originally, journalism was seeking the truth about events happening around the world on a daily basis. Back then, journalists had a good reputation because they were risking their lives in order to inform people about governments and establishment crimes. In those days, many people around the world were dreaming of someday becoming journalists to make the world a better place lo live in. However, governments in collaboration with the establishment planned a media revolution in order to stop pro-journalistic movements becoming powerful in the world. For that, governments spread indecorous ideas against true journalists in order to make people think that they were traitors. After a few years, governments succeeded in this, and called upon people to unite against enemies of the country. While this was happening true journalists were arrested, tortured, and killed by these states. As a result, governments could easily mislead people, in any way they wanted to. Dictators and prime ministers around the world were depicted by the media as heroes. However, people were living below the poverty line, and starvation had gripped the world.

Nowadays, big corporations control 90% of the world media. These corporations influence governments to do what they want them to do. They do this by fabricating stories against true journalists, who might have dared to investigate them. Corporations in collaboration with governments interfere in presidential elections in many countries around the world in order to maintain their privileges. Most of the journalists working for the corporations are seeking wealth in order to have a luxurious life, by prostituting themselves and their profession, as puppets of the establishment.

Fortunately, in recent years, alternative media seeking truth have been created all across the world, returning journalism to its origins. Now, journalistic platforms like Wikileaks have become very popular among people who want to know the truth about what is really happening in the world. This is a very hopeful sign as people are starting to trust these more than the established media. Thanks to this fact, millions of people are joining true-journalistic movements to defend real democracy in the world. There are also some tenuous signs that people could finally take actions to change the system in order to implement real democracy in the world. However, time will tell us if all of this has been just a simple hallucination, or reality.

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