Uneducated Society In The Us Presidential Elections

 Everyone around the world has been told that Americans are well educated because they have the best universities in the world. Experts in education, who have spread this idea tend to forget that only the richest people can afford to study in those universities. In the US, the lack of education is negatively impacting society, as the crime rate has greatly increased in the last decade. It is also affecting the US presidential elections, where most people do not know much about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. However, it is the best scenario for the US establishment in order to maintain their privileges. They try to block people’s critical thinking by keeping them uneducated.

In the US presidential elections, millions of uneducated people are attending rallies of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Trump supporters will vote for him because he is better than Hillary, who is a criminal, and he will make America great again. However, Hillary supporters will vote for her because she is better than Trump. They do not have any solid argument to vote for either of them. It is degrading to see people blindly voting for one of the candidates. Americans do not self-educate in order to know what Hillary and Donald could do to change the system for the better. It makes me think that people behave like a “flock of sheep following their shepherd’s instructions”.

In conclusion, education is the most important thing in any country because it ensures prosperity and happiness. It also ensures democracy because well-educated people will always be holding their governments accountable, in order to ensure that politicians do what people want them to do.


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