The Two Deplorable Candidates: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Over the last few days, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been accusing each other of improper conduct. Trump has accused her of threatening women that were abused by Bill Clinton when he was still the President of the USA. Hillary has accused him of using offensive speech against women. In their power-seeking motives, both of the candidates have forgotten the peoples’ interests. Unfortunately, everyone across the United States has admitted that they will vote for the least offensive candidate to them. However, it is supposed to be that people should vote for a passionate candidate who could change the country for the better.

There is a clear disaffection towards politics because Hillary and Donald are not proposing anything else new to solving the country’s problems. People do not care about TV shows, politics, politicians, or big scandals involving both candidates. They care about education, taxes, health, economy, and money, so they can provide for their families. Both candidates should care more about those living in bad conditions in this country. Unfortunately, the American media is not helping to ensure that politicians talk about solving people’s problems. Instead, they have an agenda endorsed by the US establishment.

The US establishment and the American political class should solve the problems of those who are suffering all across the country. It is unacceptable to ask people to vote for them once every 4 years. In a democracy, people should be participating in politics in order to ensure that all the politicians do what the people want. Politicians should not be professionals for their entire life. Instead, they should become politicians to serve people for no more than 4 years. After that, they should return to their previous life.

If politicians do not reform their way to do things; then, a new conflict may arise because people are reaching a high level of anger where they may use force to take back what they believe is theirs.

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