The US Elections Are A Fraud

As Julian Assange said, “Choosing Between Trump or Clinton is like picking between cholera or gonorrhea”.

The US elections are a fraud because people are constantly being manipulated to choose between only two options. The Republican and Democratic parties are very powerful all across the country, and they have the support of the media, powerful people, and a lot of money. Therefore, the other political parties do not have much of a chance to win the next election. In a fair system, all political parties should have the same resources to compete in the elections . Private contributions should also be prohibited, and the media should have the freedom to say whatever it wants. All political parties with more than 3% support in the poll surveys should have the right to participate in the debates.

A true democracy should provide equal opportunities for all people to achieve their goals, but the reality is that powerful people run this country and the rest of the world, leaving many people shut out of the system. In fact, the US government should ensure by law that everyone has the same rights in this country.

Hillary and Donald are defrauding people because they are not debating about important issues that could help solve the American people’s problems. Instead, they focus on attacking each other personally while leaving their messages empty of political content. However, they do not care about it, and it shows that they are both the same. They will continue working for powerful people and against the working class.

In conclusion, the Supreme Court should stop this fraud, and ensure that everything that is written in the Constitution is implemented. The citizens deserve to know more about what the Presidential Candidates would do if they were elected President. Like in other countries, they should be forced to explain what they are going to do when they begin running the country. However, neither Donald nor Hillary will change anything about this obsolete system.. Therefore, the working class, and middle class will pay the consequences of having one of them as the next President of the United States.

Sooner or later, these consequences will greatly increase and the people will peacefully take back what is theirs.

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