The President Of The Philipines Rodrigo Duterte Has Compared Himself With Adolf Hitler

Rodrigo Duterte said in a press conference: “ Hitler killed 3 million Jews, and I will kill all the drug dealers, and drug addicts in the Philippines”(He made a mistake in his statement because Hitler killed more than 6 million Jews). He encouraged Filipinos to kill all drug addicts in the country alleging that they are bad for society. As a result of such statements, non-profit organizations, and governments suggested that he had violated international law. According to disclosures coming from several press organizations, he could have already killed thousands of drug addicts in the country. Therefore, he has already become a criminal in the eyes of many governments.

Everyone in Philippines agrees that the government should fight against drug dealers in the country. However, they do not support the Government killing millions of people. Unfortunately, Duterte is not going to change his ideas, and he is willing to implement his initial plans to exterminate drug dealers, and drug addicts within 6 months.

In recent years, experts from all over the world have identified social problems behind drugs. If there are drug dealers and drug addicts, it is because the government has not been able to solve these social problems.

Duterte should change his initial plans, and do what experts say. Therefore, he should implement social programs to fight against drug addictions in the country, and ensure that all citizens have the same opportunities to progress in this life. He also should reform the prison system all across Philippines to ensure an effective rehabilitation of all drug dealers in society.

According to many reports, the drug dealers, who are in prison without treatment tend to become more dangerous. All prisoners should be treated by psychologists and psychiatrists from the first day .It is also necessary to implement reintegration programs for all prisoners to ensure that they will coexist better with people when they leave the prison. Duterte has a golden opportunity to fight against criminals without becoming a criminal himself.

We are all human beings, and we all make some mistakes in our lives, but everyone has the right to have a second opportunity in this life!



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