Governments From Western Countries Have Forgotten Refugees Coming From The Middle East!

Governments from Western countries are no longer assisting refugees coming from the Middle East. Initially, they agreed to host millions of them in their countries, but this measure seems to be unpopular, and so they decided to deny assistance to them.

The world is going through a humanitarian crisis as millions of refugees find themselves in precarious conditions without food, water, or any place to stay in. It is troubling to find that politicians are not taking measures to solve the problem. Probably if the politicians themselves had been refugees, they would think differently and would like to be treated well.

The UN (United Nations) has repeatedly denounced Western countries for violating the international law that says: “All governments across the world have the obligation to host refugees fleeing from any war” It is a fact that if governments do not help said refugees, then they risk death. Therefore, many governments are committing crimes against humanity. Fortunately, there are many small non-governmental organizations around the world assisting refugees in terms of health, food, and shelter. However, these organizations have been denouncing governments for not collaborating with them. “It seems that national governments would like to wash their hands of the refugee problem”.

Our society should ensure that every one of these refugees have an opportunity to restart their lives in another country. Racists allege that refugees are criminals or terrorists, but they are mistaken because the refugees tend to be well educated and speak several languages, so it is a mistake to call them criminals. However, extreme right-wingers in Germany have begun to commit crimes in different cities the same day to frame refugees for them.

Refugees should not be forgotten! In Western countries we are living a more comfortable life than them, but we cannot forget that, eventually, conditions can change and before anyone knows it we become refugees ourselves. I am sure that in such circumstances we would ask to be treated differently. Refugees are human beings just like you!



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