The Real Impact of Snowden’s Revelations ( If governments remove our privacy, there is no reason to exist )

The world has changed a lot since 2013 when Edward Snowden revealed that the US administration was massively surveilling millions of people all across the world. As a result of such revelations, our communications have improved in terms of security. However, the IT community must maintain continue to work hard to ensure that our communications remain private because all governments are investing millions of dollars to find vulnerabilities in our systems. Fortunately, we already know all methods that the US government used to violate our privacy.

In recent years, companies like Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon have been forced to change their terms of privacy because their customers were worried about them. In the end, it was a marketing campaign, because all these companies still collaborate with the US administration and share all our data. However, people have become more reactive towards these companies collaborating with governments. Many organizations and activists track all these companies to inform people when they could compromise their data.

Snowden’s revelations have also shaken the political scenario in the world since political parties that support privacy are arising in some countries. In fact, some governments have been forced to change their legislation to secure our communications. However, many governments mask their real intentions by saying that they will ensure our communications. The reality is that they will try to surveil us anyway.

In my opinion, all of Snowden’s revelations have been good for our society. Now, this world is a better place to live in. I acknowledge that at first I thought these revelations were not going to impact our lives very much because people tend to forget things easily after a few years, but I admit that I was wrong and we can still see this impact, in part because many organizations keep the spirit to transform our society alive.

Be cautious and never forget to update your software if you really want to keep your communications secure.


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