“Chelsea Manning Punished in Solitary Confinement for Suicide Attempt”

Chelsea Manning has been punished with solitary confinement  attempting suicide. It seems that whoever made this decision could be suffering from mental issues, since this measure greatly increases the probability of repeat suicide attempts, according to several studies. Rather, she should be treated before it is too late. Even so, I am afraid that soon we will discover through the press that she is dead. However, the US administration is ignoring the issue and will not do anything to help her. Instead, they are preparing a case against her simply because she attempted suicide and such an action is stupid. As a result of this most inhuman decision, she could face several more years in prison. Initially, she was sentenced to 35 years in prison for divulging secret information that suggested the US Army was killing civilians. However, the perpetrators of said crimes have not yet been tried and convicted.

Chelsea Manning has been tortured on a daily basis since being admitted to the prison. It is degrading to find that those, who supposedly are there to protect us, actually behave like criminals. Chelsea Manning announced in 2013 that she would identify as a woman, three years after first entering custody, saying she had been diagnosed with gender dysphoria back in 2010.

Recently Chelsea Manning started a hunger strike to protest what she calls “constant and overzealous administrative scrutiny by prison and military officials.” She is transgender and had been asking for sex conversion treatment for the past 6 years , but the authorities rejected her demands. Despite their refusal, she did not give up and decided to start a hunger strike that in the end, was effective  a few days later, the authorities accepted her demands. Chelsea Manning is a human being and as such has the right to think and act freely.

I am a big dreamer, and sometimes I hope that an enlightened person in the government will do something to reverse the situation, but I am beginning to understand that even if that person exists, they would disappear in a few days.

Does democracy really exist ? Why would anyone become a politician?

Originally, someone who wanted to become a politician would do so to help people from his community and protect them from powerful people, who wanted to abuse their positions. However, nowadays people want to become politicians just to enrich themselves and to that end support multinational companies and those in positions of power.

I acknowledge that I am hopeless and these politicians will never defend democracy before all else.

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