Who Won The Debate Between Hillary and Donald? (No one won the debate, and democracy lost)


As a result of the first debate between Hillary, and Donald, we can say that democracy has lost. The debate had plenty of mutual accusations, but they did not debate important things that concern people. In recent years, politicians have been changing their strategy, and they talk about subjects that touch people emotionally, rather than about the content of their programs. Unfortunately, people are easily manipulated, and they will not acknowledge this fact. In fact, people do not vote rationally, they tend to vote according to their emotions.

During the second world war many political leaders around the world mastered manipulation, but nowadays,Hilary and Donald have improved it even further. I am not going to write more about the last night’s debate because I think it was useless and antidemocratic.

Before the debate started, hundreds of activists were arrested because when they were not allowed to go to the debate, they decided to block a road in order to protest. Also Jill Stein, the candidate for the Green Party was forced to leave the venue after a conference press. She was trying to participate in the presidential debate as a candidate of the Green Party.

In a democracy, people are allowed to go wherever they want, but it seems that there is a lack of democracy in the country.

In a fair system, (all) candidates from all political parties should have the same rights, and chances to be heard by people. In this way, people could debate about all programs and choose freely what they think it is the best option. The reality is that Americans will just have two options to vote for because the fact of holding a debate between two candidates is a way to influence people to vote between these both options.

In conclusion, this debate was unfair and manipulative. I think that people should learn about it, and for by the next elections to change the system to give all political parties the same opportunities to be heard by people. It is not acceptable to need to reach at least 15% of the support in the polls to have the right to participate on the presidential debates, it should be enough with a 3%.

Let me know, what do you think about the electoral system in the USA , and What do you think about the last night debate?


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