Racism in the USA

The ideology underlying racist practices often includes the idea that humans can be subdivided into distinct groups that are different in their social behavior and innate capacities and [that] can be ranked as inferior or superior.”

In recent years, the racist cases in the States coming from the police have increased greatly. However, the government denies that it is happening. In my opinion, these cases are not minor, because they are a reflection  the system itself. The government should care more about this racial conflict, otherwise, it could become a complicated problem to deal with.

The USA is a cosmopolitan country, where people coming from all over the world live in harmony. In recent years,this tendency is changing little by little, and nationalist feeling is arising all across the country. In fact, these nationalist positions are very stupid, because it seems that people forget all the personal historical facts about their coming from another country. The only natives Americans are Indian, the rest have roots in other countries around the world. Considering this fact, it is stupid to support racist positions because it would mean being against your own existence in the country.

Let’s now focus on the Black American community.

People think that in recent decades,this community has gotten many rights and that the inequality among different communities around the country is something that existed in the past. However, the reality is different, and black people still have fewer chances to prosper in this life than the rest.

It is degrading for a person to live in a country where he or she is constantly threatened by the police. It’s a fact that all black children are taught about how they should behave if the police stop them. Unfortunately, it is not enough for some police officers [that black people treat them with respect.

The two most recent racist cases reported in the USA, make me think about the discrimination that exists there. The first case is  a guy, whose car had a breakdown on a road. He did not do anything bad, however, a policewoman decided to shoot him indiscriminately, and in the  he died. The second case is  a young guy with a mental disorder, who took his medicine. His mom said to the police that he had just taken his medicine, and he did not have any weapon, but the police insisted that he drop his gun. Finally, several police officers decided to shoot and kill him.

Police should be there to protect all of us! I do believe that there are also honest police officers in the country, but the problem is that when one of them does bad practices, their police-mates hide what happened.

The US system in terms of race equality is obsolete, and should be changed to prevent bad practices mentioned in this article. In my opinion, politicians, and social organizations should work together to achieve equality all around the country. If you want to make a great country, then equality and harmony should exist all across the country.

No matter where someone is  we are all human beings, and we should respect each other!


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