Hillary and Donald

We are anticipating a big showdown between Hillary and Donald.

Hillary Clinton has a wealth of experience as a politician and in the US administration, but she is a mythomaniac (Psychiatry: the tendency to lie, exaggerate, or relate incredible imaginary adventures as if they had really happened – occurring in some mental disorders), and this is a big deal. For the public, it has gotten quite complicated to know when she is speaking the truth.

In my opinion, increasing numbers of people have realized that she suffers from the mental disease that I mentioned. So people cannot take her words seriously any more. However, she may succeed and become the new president of the USA. If she has some chance to become the president it’s because her rival is even worse, and people, this time, will vote for the less worse candidate.

I cannot understand why she lies about minor things. For example, in the 9/11 commemoration, she said she had an allergy. But after a few days, she admitted that she had pneumonia. Usually, these kind of lies show a person’s character.If she lies about minor things, then what else is she able to lie about?I also wonder what was the advice from her campaign advisers.

Let’s now talk about Donald. He also lies but not as much as Hillary. Actually, many people would like him to lie more because his speeches bring a state of terror. He’s an arrogant racist who stems from the rich. He is pro guns and against gender equality. What else could he be?He’s a entertainer. I doubt he could rule a country efficiently because he isn’t diplomatic, and he is very intolerant. It would be funny to see all of his mistakes as president and the pictures that would be taken in international meetings with presidents around the world. He doesn’t have any experience at all in politics. However, the people in the USA are starting to be desperate, and he will have a chance to become a president in November. It’s true that he has been a successful businessman, but I would like to know the details behind his success.He did not single handedly build his empire. We cannot forget that his father was already a businessman in New York, and Donald took advantage of that.

This time, the people will have a difficult time choosing a president, for they will destroy the US’s international image. Unfortunately, the USA will become a really close country, and people from other countries will be afraid to go there. I also doubt that the USA will be able to maintain his allies, and some countries will stop supporting them.I dream about Americans who will start to vote for third parties but that is almost impossible. For that to happen, something important should happen.

This text is normal. So, guys who like monitoring people should spend their time and money on other things.





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